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It is moderately advisable to consider the facts of time travel when considering the BATS and their Enclave. But there is a drawback, very little is known of the field regarding time travel and its associative phenomenon. For example, there are no relevant and actual terms in any language as yet to express facts and phenomenon regarding time travel and temporal phenomenon. This drawback is not insurmountable (the BATS can do what they do without anyone understanding how.) I will endeavor to explain one of the more relevant principles of the subject of temporal mechanics (time travel associative phenomenon.) It is frequently called “the Rutgers Phenomenon” in non-science fiction based references to time travel. The same phenomenon in a science fiction based description is called by various other names. The Rutgers Phenomenon could be described in the following fashion (but there are other model examples that differ from this one):

If subject A observes the death of subject B at the hands of subject C, and tries to use time travel (after the fact) to rescue B from C: failure is the result. The reason that failure results is because A has, by thus acting, removed the threat which he responded to in the first place (the time-event line will snap the death of B back into place, since it was the grounds upon which he acted.) The act of time travel described was also an event in the episode of A-B and C, it must have the (First Cause) for which it was engaged in. This is known as being due to the fabric-of-time-and-space. The Rutgers Phenomenon can have a nasty way of locking episodes and events into the fabric-of-time-and-space, knowing this also means that such as is useful can be locked into place (the act of protecting B in a fashion that will work, for example, can be carried out in such a fashion as the Rutgers Phenomenon makes it difficult to overcome their (B's) survival.) That is to say, the same phenomenon can be exploited to make it impossible to kill 'B' at that time by that method.

A working simple example: using the means of time travel, if one can secure B's survival to allow B to reach old age... this trick can be done. Using time travel, one can trick B (at age 68 years old, for example) into handing her/his childhood self (say at age 8 years old) a piece of candy, whilst verbally greeting the child. The child shall respond and take the candy with their reply. Having done such a trick as this, the Rutgers Phenomenon makes the life of this person very hard to dislodge. They were eight (8) years old when they took the candy and replied, to their own older self (who was 68 years old.) It is surely not possible to have killed them before age 68 years of age! This is the substance of temporal immortality. The facts of the condition of the person at age 68 are a fact of the time-event line (the very fabric-of-time and-space itself): a fact of the fabric of reality. This and similar (very simple) tricks can be done to use the Rutgers Phenomenon to one's advantage. A sort of weaving into the fabric-of-time-and-space.

When the BATS and their Enclave were made, every advantage of this and other relevant phenomenon were used. The BATS and the BATS Enclave are woven into the fabric-of-time-and-space itself. The Armor, in all its relevant forms, likewise. It is not unusual that the armor itself (having itself the capacity of time travel) will trick its bearer into inadvertently interacting with their younger self, to thus make use of the Rutgers Phenomenon. This is one meaning of the term 'Temporal shield'.

Operations and conducts can be subject to this kind of interweaving (I guess you could say that it is a way of stabilizing the accomplishments to be made.) Many of the BAT systems used to do operations and conducts must be used with time travel in mind. They were meant and made to be used in time and space. To use them properly and fully one must aim at a point in the past, or in the future (and so, automatically they themselves do so, for us in the automated activities they perform). Not all of them work this way, only some of them.

The facts of time travel and of the phenomenon of time travel are of extreme importance to the subject of the BATS, their usage and their Enclave.

But most of the facts of this science are and remain unknown to this generation, and so to discuss the subject in this language proves most difficult indeed. Nonetheless, the subject is of paramount importance as one surely can understand? The various tools, equipment, devices, utilities, systems and sub-systems and the various networks of which the BATS are composed: do they not result as an act of time travel? Were they not acquired and assembled into the Enclave as an act of time travel? And yet, as paramount as the subject is... the subject was only a means to an end. The object was not merely to have time travel, but to use time travel for the purpose of acquiring all the various tools, equipment, devices, utilities, systems and sub-systems and networks of which the BATS are composed. It was only a means to an end. The object was to compile the BATS. What if time travel proved possible but one couldn't assemble the BATS as a functional set of systems? What use would there have been in that?! No good at all.

The venture was a total and complete success. THE BATS (Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Systems) are an extremely low profile (often invisible or near invisible) fact-of-life. But they should be, shouldn't they? If time travel capacity is secure and confirmed, then availability of technological advancement is too. Time travel is of the first necessity (without it there can be no acquisitions as desired.) The desired acquisitions become plausible when the mode of time travel is available. The acquisitions were made, which due to the facts of time travel and it's phenomenon, occurred on a kind of instantaneous basis. This turns out to be the case regarding much of the endeavor(s) related to the acquisitions and assembling of the BATS and their Enclave, some stuff turns out to have occurred on some kind of instantaneous basis. It is not always the same phenomenon, but time travel involved (both ways, there and back) the whole thing happens in the blink of an eye (instantaneous.) At this stage, they are secured but not fully ordered (sequential arrangement has not occurred yet.) The process of sequential arrangement of the acquisitions into a functioning set of systems and networks is the next logical step.

This too will be instantaneous and so it is as if they always were, as if they existed the whole time and having the intended sequential arrangement (the LGN's as its sometimes known.) To go a step further, one might then take similar action and the venue of time travel becomes once again paramount. Time travel and it's associative phenomenon. Having that we now possess these BATS and their Enclave, one step further might be had (again, the venue of time travel.) What if we assemble an integrating form of the Armor and preliminary forms of the Enclave which are suited to (authorized to) our own ancestors? To be inherited down the descent line, for very very long lengths of time: parent-to-child (a form of inheritance)? Thus by such device-of-trickery we offer to have ourselves inherited on a parent-to-child ancestral basis such as the preliminary (wherein which, being actually our own possession is not merely a preliminary form). Alpha authorizations being the actual, it is by far more than a preliminary form when one (by birth) inherit this ancestral form. But what is being considered here, one must realize carries some great weight indeed. If that is what one did, temporal mechanics: it was always a fact and if one did not then doing so anyways will change a great many facts from the most ancient generations to our own. The Rutgers Phenomenon rears its head again, if you know what I mean. The simple facts are the simple facts.

And so this also becomes part of the endeavor and the Ancestral lines of the Armor and Enclave came into existence, and in doing so (instantaneous) and thus always had been! From even the most ancient of periods and generations. The advantage supreme of the Alpha bloodline(s) even parent-to-child. A sure and certain guarantee. A guarantee that Alpha itself enjoy more than any other, as the entirety of these systems are Alpha property (Alpha authorization is the actual original and true authorization.) The act becomes one of the larger origins of the Beta caste bloodlines (when and where evidenced.) They did result in part from former generations of the Alpha ancestors long ago, who's children survived in the world and their bloodlines (over the centuries and millenniums) diverged further and further from the Alpha bloodline, separate descended bloodlines of Alpha ancestral blood.

The letter Alpha is a number ('A' is used in many ancient languages and cultures to denote “One; primary; original; first”) the letter Beta is a number ('B' is used in many ancient languages and cultures to denote “Two; secondary; second.”) Hence the secondary bloodlines (Beta class bloodlines). Likewise the story goes, as such bloodlines wander further and further from their own original bloodlines themselves... to intermarry into others still and further dilute the bloodlines away from the Alpha bloodline itself (and ergo not truly authorized under 'Beta' class authorizations, but instead under it's diminutive: Tau class authorizations. These are grouped as Tau ('T' is used in many ancient languages and cultures to denote “The Last; near the last; approaching summation” here it has the possible meaning of 'tertiary'.) Of Tau bloodline classification: there is Tau itself and Tex (Tau-Eta-Xhi). Tex (Tau-eta-xhi) is not understood as having any relevant tertiary bloodlines from Beta, but could intermarry, for example. These meanderings in the text explain part of what was produced by the endeavor to proceed with the BATS as acquired. The Rutgers Phenomenon made most powerful from very ancient time periods and generations as each thus lived their lives and so the events of the fabric-of-time-and-space become a rich tapestry that further locked the Ancestral forms inherited by Alpha into place. The Rutgers Phenomenon and several besides came into play.

To further complicate (but enrich) the discussion on this subject... again one must realize the facts of time travel and of associative phenomenon. That the Ancestral forms of the BATS Armor and Enclave exist, and due to all of this surely and certainly did (thus, they still do) one can understand? The venue of time travel integral to the Ancestral BATS, the Armor and Enclave, it means that even millennium ago the BATS were launching through time to come and assist [each generation of] Alpha (millennium after millennium passing.) They made operations and conducts and etc, coming to the aid of Alpha and to the aid of all generations of Alpha... since in truth: that is who's armor and enclave it is! Likewise in the opposite direction (each new millennium after millennium passing into the future.) Each of these sending detachment back to assist and escort [previous generations of] Alpha through the then current generations into that generation from whence they come and whom they serve: an act of escorting the (Alpha) ancestors of that [future} Alpha generation. This is easily understood and was intentional to the structure and so part of what was meant by Beta-Alpha-Tau Structures (Bats).


The LGN's (acronym: Logan's General Networks) are sometimes called L.O.G.A.N.S (Logan's Operational General Acclimated Networks & Systems). The LGN's are the main network in the BATS Enclave, into which were assembled all the various artificial intelligence and etc. It is not necessary to know the structure of this network (and there are other ways to list its structure) but it might help one to better understand some things about the BATS. In this particular listing, I listed (Alfred) THE BUTLER first due to its position in the Enclave, and listed the BAT-COMPUTER second. That structure is often thought of as being the more accurate in regard to the Operational Network (i.e.; the LGN's as an operational network.) Of course, it means that the resources of that which is listed beneath them are all drawn upon by these two at the top.

Now... you... want me to explain all of that, don't you? Oy, why me?! It's fricken 3 a.m., don't you people ever wanna sleep? To begin with, there's other ways of listing it (but looks really similar to the above.) Easiest way to explain the subject: the BUTLER and the main interface (the BAT-Computer itself) use all the stuff listed below themselves. The stuff below is also sometimes (frequently) going to operate independently themselves. What we have listed here are the main divisions of the Beta-Alpha-Tau's. The Beta's themselves and the Pi's (Pi-Alpha's) and the Tau's Xhi/Kappa's and the two forms of the Eta's (Eta-eta and the Eta-Beta stuff.) Also, and importantly, the Mu's are listed. But some stuff isn't listed here (and should be): the Gamma's (such as the Goblin, for example.) The Delta's (such as the Deanàmh stuff) does not appear (but really should have.) You may notice that most of what I just listed was Greek language, for example, Xhi/Kappa is “C” (the Cans, Cins and etc), Eta is “H” (the HOBOS) In the formal approach to this chart list, they would be written not as they appear above but in Greek letters (or the names of the Greek letters. So, for example: “PANS” should most properly be written and called “Pi-Alpha-Nu-Sigma” but that's too long... so we just say and write “the PANS”... sort of like kitchen pans, only way better, oy. I'm stalling... you're really gonna make me explain all this, aren't you? Oy oy oy. Okay fine.

BANS, BINS, BONS, BUNS, BOPS (others possible)

Beta class stuff, sometimes called Banvour (bànmhor). Beta Acclimated Networks & Systems (BANS). Beta Integrated Networks & Systems (BINS). Beta Operational Networks & Systems (BONS). Beta Utility Networks & Systems (BUNS). Beta Operational Protective Systems (BOPS). There ya go, oy! So now you want to know what that all is right? SHEESH, do you ever want to sleep or what? Okay, fine. Look at it this way, then: The BANS is the general assembly of everything below it plus whatever else. BINS are the Integrated stuff (it integrates to ground objects, for example. It might write Beta stuff to the buttons on your shirt and hide there.) BONS is just what it says 'operational' stuff, that allows ground operations, personal operations and so forth. BUNS are just what they say: 'utilities', the tools, gear, equipment, utilities and devices (all artificial intelligence or better). BOPS is protection (personal, bodily, life interest protection and etc etc.)

CANS, CINS, CONS, CUNS, COPS (others possible) are the Xhi/Kappa versions of the same.

PANS, PINS, PONS, PUNS, POPS (other possible) are the Pi (Pi-Alpha) versions of the same.

TANS, TINS, TONS, TUNS, TOPS (others possible) are the Tau versions of the same.

HOBOS are a little bit... different. Handling Operational Bats Ordinance Systems (H.O.B.O.S.) There are two forms basically (more possible) “Eta-Eta's” and the “Eta-Beta's”, they are similar but not identical. (Eta-Eta version): HANS, HINS, HONS, HUNS, HOPS is about like the same stuff listed above (Eta versions). The Eta-Beta's are different: BUMS, BIMBOS, BONES, BURNS, BURPS. That would be: Basic Utility & Maintenance Systems (BUMS), Basic Integrated Maintenance Battlefield Operational Systems (BIMBOS), Battlefield Operational Networks & Engagement Systems (BONES), Battlefield Utility Resource Networks & Systems (BURNS), Battlefield Utilities Resource Personal Systems (BURPS). Obviously, the Eta-Beta's version of the HOBOS that acronym means: “Handling Operational Battlefield Operational Systems.” Umm, the business about Utility Resource here? Kind of means that it goes through all time and space to find what it needs, or it goes and opens secret laboratories and develops the stuff itself (always a good decision.) Both forms of the HOBOS are kind of associated with what are called Hōbō gunjō 方方群生 although it can be written several other ways.

The MAGIS likewise are a bit different, and as you can see, linked into the HOBOS. Hard to explain the MAGIS but they are magic associative. They were structured and made to operate as if by magic alone, so if anyone tries to find something doing the stuff, there doesn't appear to be anything there at all (like it's just happening by nature or outplay of events, for example.) The word 'magis' means “sorcerer” or like “magician”. Magical Acclimated General Integrated Systems (M.A.G.I.S.) They include: MANS, MINS, MONS, MUNS, MOPS (others possible) are the Magical based (Mu) versions of the same. Not to be confused with another form of technology called sometimes 'Mu-class' technology which isn't the same. More discussion on the MAGIS can be found here.

I'd remind you that the Gamma's and Delta's weren't listed here... they would be out to either side in the list, left and right far sides, and the GANS → GOPS (for the Gamma's) and the Delta's own versions of course are DANS → DOPS.

So the basic structure is...

V~ANS, ~INS, ~ONS, ~UNS, ~OPS (others possible), (~Letter Classification~) class stuff, sometimes called by a specific name. ~ Acclimated Networks & Systems (~ANS). ~ Integrated Networks & Systems (~INS). ~ Operational Networks & Systems (~ONS). ~ Utility Networks & Systems (~UNS). ~ Operational Protective Systems (~OPS). There ya go, oy oy OY! So now you know, was that all right? SHEESH, do you ever want to sleep or what? Always, look at it this way, then: The ~ANS is the general assembly of everything below it plus whatever else. ~INS are the Integrated stuff (it integrates to ground objects, for example. It might write ~ stuff to the buttons on your shirt and hide there.) ~ONS is just what it says 'operational' stuff, that allows ground operations, personal operations and so forth. ~UNS are just what they say: 'utilities', the tools, gear, equipment, utilities and devices (all artificial intelligence or better). ~OPS is protection (personal, bodily, life interest protection and etc etc.)

When Gamma and Delta listings are placed left and right, it sort of looks like a BAT with its wings outstretched.

Even Further Discussion Material.