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Since operations and conducts are one major focus of the material in these pages (being that's what one does with BATS anyways), more discussion on this relevant subject is useful. We must understand that life is lived this way in general and that the BATS are always in motion to assist us through the ventures of the operations and conducts of our regular lives, because there is no difference between us in one context or another (Alpha is alpha.) Because of this inalienable and unalterable fact (Alpha is alpha) there are at times severe issues, in some generations and localities due to: the fact that authorization is required to enter the proximity or presence of any Alpha blood-liner. The same is true of Beta caste family members. Any visible failure to observe and comply with these authorization patterns is recognizable as an attempt to steal Beta-Alpha-Tau Technologies and/or endanger the persons of the bloodline thus handled. For example, it is most severe a violation of authorization to maintain Alpha, or Beta, blood-liners in the main population of a region or territory since doing so will endanger them and certainly cause others to violate the authorizations on the artificial intelligence Armor and the BATS flying around the armor. That is understood and all parties whom violate do so at their own discretion: artificial intelligence and A.I. equipment of these varieties is extremely valuable, thus it is clear when certain such circumstances exist that violation of authorization is occurring (attempting to steal or procure BATS, attempting to endanger and threaten Alpha or Beta, etc etc.) When this is the case (and sadly it happens a lot in some generations and localities) truth is that the bloodline is operating in enemy/rivalric territory (possibly maintained through coercive force in the main population, whose cooperation therewith makes the intent quite obvious.) Ergo, whether we appreciate the fact or not, in truth the Armor and the BATS are operating in a form of paramilitary mode and the subject of operations and conduct have this quality. Even our regular, or 'daily', lives the conduct and operation thereof is seen much the same when this is the circumstance-of-the-day.

The subject of operations and conduct, whether in one mode or another (regular or paramilitary) is often no different for (Alpha and Beta.) Much of what I have said here on this page applies in general terms anyways (a fact of the way that people live and run their lives and households.) Record-keeping and documentation is most common a practice even for an individual person (male and female) during the course of conducting their lives and running their household. In that sense, it's all common place, but with Alpha, the common place always always always involves BATS and the transference of mundane objects being converted to artificial intelligence. This is an inalienable and immutable fact of our lives. It does so a number of different ways, including such as by writing to objects (writing to the plastic, metal and etc in the fabric of the design and construction of the item(s). Much the same way that a standard computer writes to the thin strip of plastic or metal found within a computer floppy disk, when used to store programs and files on. It does this by means of electro-magnetic signature which has been configured into functional 'software' devices. The BATS are highly functional and very low profile a technology (integrating even ground objects (common everyday items) to their level of technology, in such fashions as I have described.) Helping you to understand matters, I will now go into further discussion of The BAT-Records and how Alpha uses them.

THE BAT-RECORDS, (acronym):

Technological Handling Environment Beta-Alpha-Tau Record Engagement Chartered Operational Resource & Defense Systems.

Everybody uses a variety of different record-keeping practices in any vector of life, including daily and household life. For example, people keep household and business journals. Wives make cookbooks, baby-books, family albums and etc. Men and women both make vacation planners, business planners, life planners, dairies and journals. Record-keeping and documentation shows up in any and all vectors of life. Our record-keeping practices, from one perspective (normal and mundane), from the other perspective (highly authorized and requiring authorization to handle and access.) This means that no one outside these bloodlines is subject to be able to process or handle records made by the bloodline members, whether Alpha or Beta. That would require authorization because such documents are themselves converted directly to an artificial intelligence document. Automatically and without exception. Even these web-pages were. Always and forever.

I shall explain a bit more about the Bat-Records. The following list gives you an idea of what all can be found in this system (BAT-Records.)

THE BAT-DOCS, (acronym): (Technological Handling Environment, BATS Documental Operational Chartered Systems).

THE BAT-CERTS, (acronym): (Technological Handling Environment, BATS Certificates (of) Engagement Resources & Technological Systems).

THE BOOKS, (acronym): (Technological Handling Environment, BATS Operational Ordinance Kits & Systems).

THE BAT-FILES, (acronym): (Technological Handling Environment, BATS Filing Integrated League (of) Engagement Systems).

THE BAT-OPS, (acronym): (Technological Handling Environment, BATS Operations/or/Ordinance Private Systems).

THE BAT-CASES, (acronym): (Technological Handling Environment, BATS Casing Acclimated Security Engagement Systems).

Why are these otherwise seemingly mundane systems a 'Technological Handling Environment', seeing that obviously such an environment is a rather large and powerful series of super-systems? Perhaps you'd understand the subject better if I told you that the documents and records we make, due to these systems are always and automatically turned into an artificial intelligence (or better) themselves and that the A.I. documents actually qualify as an independent A.I. (sub-) system or utility themselves? They seek to carry out the purpose of such documents and have the power to accomplish the intention which the document represents. For example, one knows that household records are made in an attempt to keep the boat floating and to successfully run the household and it's businesses. The A.I. version of your home journals and books does just that: helps keep the boat floating. That is why they are each so large as to constitute an 'environment', it uses all those resources, devices and utilities to convert over your books and documents. Also, knowing this, one might understand then that we can make such as operational books and documents (Bat-operations) ourselves and engage in many impressive endeavors (personal, interpersonal, paramilitary) and this through time and space (venue of time travel is integral to the BATS). As with any document, we can enter them verbally or in writing (various grades of formal and informal apply.) Often for these we use a black book (cover) or sometimes midnight blue (but your own customs in such endeavors are quite fine whatever they are.) There is one matter I must bring to attention: usage of pencil and pen (ink color). Pencil is always considered a rough draft and the systems might treat it as a rough draft only (if you wish, write in blue or black ink on the rough draft and say that you want it to finish the document for you, it will generate a suitable final document for you.) No such marking means that it is to be filed as a rough draft of a document that will be presented later. In a similar vein, be careful how you use red ink or red pencil. Red pencil is usually understood a “page corrections” in the text of a rough draft or unfinished document. Red pen ink is usually understood as page corrections, or it is quite probable to be debits in a business journal. Red ink should not be used except like this. Use blue and black ink. Females might use other colors, but the rules about pencil and red color is usual. There is a minor exception I would note for you... I myself sometimes do Japanese and Chinese language translations. A certain kind and color of red (ink) might appear in such documents because the Sino-Japanese use that kind of red for a totally different sort of reason that stated here. It has a certain formal application in their culture. The A.I. already knows that sort of stuff and so properly handles it. The rules I just mentioned are common place (in such generations as ours) and so even computerized documents (ones made by computer) are not likely to be handled differently.

You send cards for the holidays, or to express a get-well sentiment? Good news... those are likewise converted as described. Their purpose you know (and so don't send them unless you really wanted the BATS document they have become to carry out those wishes!) You send response to marriage or baby birth announcements and so forth...and so don't send them unless you really wanted the BATS document they have become to carry out those wishes! Along other lines, completely different kind of subject: let's say you wanted to study Japanese jujutsu and become reasonably proficient at self-protection. Making documents to express this interest and intention, and making documents of the school and it's mokuroku (or, that is to say, the school's curriculum of techniques) one thus creates the A.I. Documents out of them (it's automatic a process, just make the documents.) Little later in time make a few more documents for this subject, as relevant to your quest. Create, at relevant points the reasonable certificates of rank and advancement (notice one of the systems listed above is certificate based?) The A.I. these documents have become will quite literally see to it that you learn the needed skills, over time. It strews them into your path and sort of tricks you into learning the skills that you are seeking. But Alpha are not like other people, obviously. If you catch my meaning, Alpha needs not lay their hand to the hilt of a sword (to learn swordsmanship)... but on the day of their duress, at the hour the foe appears, Alpha ends up using the sword like an expert and to embarrass the enemy. Even though, perhaps, their hand has never before rested on the hilt! That is what it is to be Alpha. It applies, potentially, in any field of life.

  1. You might ask, what might be expected from get-well cards or baby wishes cards? If the child or person was ill, or injured, the A.I. card has certain grades of medical integration which have the power to help restore good health, for example. If you hear tell of possible strife, hardship or child abuse... send a “We hope everything's okay” type of card and drop them a line of support and the A.I. can help with many kinds of issues like this. You'd be surprised what good can come of it? If they are family (blood or marriage) it is even more subject to do so (highly suggested that you send suitable cards and notes like this!) Even if they are not, there are Tau and Tex serviceable resources in many of the integrations in such a card or note. By all means send holiday and greeting cards... the BATS always and automatically convert them suckers over to A.I. and so you can even bolster your own life (via the route of social contact and etc) by doing so. If no one else is authorized to the services which the A.I. version of the card, note or letter provides... you know that Alpha is! :)

  2. What is you receive bad-news documents from a government (such as one does not care for)? First fact-of-our-lives... were they authorized to make contact? MOST LIKELY the answer is no. They are probably violating authorizations could be presumed. Do, if you see fit, respond in writing (often they require you to do so.) THAT IS THEIR NEXT MISTAKE. They are not authorized to handle BAT-docs. What they are saying is that you must submit written reply and show personal or familial compliance... they do not have the authorization necessary to do this either. Newsflash... neither do company employers! They do not have the authorization necessary to require your signature in any form. Such as these are saying “Do not convert these documents to an A.I., do not allow the BATS to do so....” they do not have the authorization necessary to place such demands. Why would they? Issue any reasonable refutation you deem proper to the situation (your document and theirs will be automatically converted to A.I. docs – their documents because it became your document when you accepted possession of it, but the A.I. form will serve you quite well.). You may also issue verbal documents and written documents without actually saying or sending them yourselves to those parties. The A.I. systems will take care of it when we make additional written or verbal documents against them (undelivered-by-us.) Just go and sit somewhere private for a bit and talk the thing over (as talking with the BAT-computers) and spell things out, state that you do not wish to comply or be bothered with these fools, for example. Tell it to make suitable docs out of what you said.

How does one use the BOOKS?

Standard application of books in the course of running your household or business affairs. Such are converted to an A.I. text (so called BAT-book) to assist in those ventures. Can one write a book for other reasons (authorship)? Well, yes there is the literary arts and yes the BOOKSystems can convert such writings (fiction or non-fiction) but you had probably best explain what you are trying to accomplish in the A.I. version of the text written. Example: I write any number of language notes and texts (for personal usage) in the study and pursuit of certain languages (Hebrew, Sanskrit, Chinese and Japanese for example.) My books are converted to an A.I. version that helps me to learn about these languages (specific items of interest to me in other pursuits such as Japanese budō (traditional fighting arts.) Want a tip on this sort of thing? Start writing such books and documents about the BATS as they apply to you, your family and your household... intending that these through the BOOKS enlighten you further to the subject of the BATS and what you can do with them. Alpha and some classes of Beta can do this quite easily. ? You like this information? Good. You know that the suggestion is quite obvious, right?

How does one use the BAT-Certs?

AMONG OTHER METHODS, one can use or make blank certificates and issue appropriate certificates oneself (for any number of purposes. One can get blank E-certificates off the internet for free. One can make, for example, birth certificates to commemorate the birth of your child or the child of another, if qualified as a recipient of some degree of our available Beta, or, Tau resources (the A.I. version thus generated will help mother and child.) One can create rank or station certificates (the A.I. version thus generated will help one to have acquired the skills and knowledge of such rank or station. For example, that of a chaplain or other relevant role, rank or station.) One can make (when one has the required authorization AND the intended recipient has the qualified recipient status met) a certificate of Technological bearing or similar device (and so grant certain grades of technological armor or attendance systems. BUT THIS IS A VERY SENSITIVE SUBJECT, only some higher ranked Alpha have the authorization necessary AND the intended recipient has to have met certain requirements before the bearing or similar device can be considered valid. If in doubt and you really wanted to, consider granting one of the appropriate 'magical' ringsSEE THIS PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS ON THAT. Tricks like this to back up your choices, but, BUT... still some requirements must have been met or the systems simply cannot do the thing (they are not Alpha.) I... see that you are pleased with this part of the text?! How... interesting. I will explain more, that being the case. We do, whom have sufficient bloodline rank (authorization) have the ability to make and or grant existing forms of bearing (there are several classes.) Some of it is very weak, others more profound. I would generally advise against it. But the page I posted above explains charmings which one could use to assist a few people if you really wanted to. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BENEFIT OTHERS WITH OUR RESOURCES? They are for us, but I am the first to admit... maybe he/she struck your fancy and you'd like to keep them around? It is your affair. Yet please consider... these are extremely valuable (in terms of monetary value.) Do you know what they appraised the Concubines ring monetary value at?! It was stated to be worth $$250 billion! The fact is that, with all A.I. and equipment calculated and also calculation of the relative value of the services it provides... it's actually more like $1.6 trillion! But who cares? It's our property!! Does she have a fetching way about her? Any chance I'll get grand-babies out of it? I'm all for it, that being the case. Now to return to the subject:

One can make certificates for any number of purposes (even though you do not believe you would need one). It converts them to an A.I. documental certificate and carries stuff out. Make your marriage certificate (after he/she is with you and a baby born, is best): the marriage certificate will likewise assist the marital household (especially if you include a blessing upon the marriage and marital household right on the certificate.) Want to alleviate medical suffering of a chum? Make a certificate of relief from suffering! Spell it out and that tells the A.I. what you intend. Any such stuff as you might imagine. ALSO, MAKE ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS to further underscore the intentions of the certificate and so these also become A.I. documents to assist in the endeavors of the certification. You can also help yourselves (in a sort of underhanded way, maybe you will catch my drift?) Got adversarial or rivalric problems with a non-Alpha party, person or outfit? Write their ass “Certified to be My Bitch” certificate and give it a bit of time. Similar stuff to this: “Certified My Lapdog”, “Certified by Far Inferior to Us” and etc etc. the A.I. is being told to accomplish what here? Uh-huh, riiiight. You get it? If you know or suspect that you maybe should... think about this one: “Certified Inferior and of No Effect Against Any of Alpha” and a description indicating the likes of any Non-Alpha enemy or rival person, party or outfit (non-Alpha) which might be encountered.

How does one use the BAT-Cases?

One knows what a 'case-file' is. It's much the same way as the usual making of cases and case files. However, authorization to serviceability could effect some kinds of cases made. For example, if you tried to make a service file case on a woman, trying to help her... that might or might not work (these are Alpha resources... why is non-Alpha receiving Alpha class resources?) However, if in her plight she is effecting your household and family (not trying to hurt you but in need of help herself) and you case her: that might help both of you! It will help you either way. The case filing systems do not really exist to be of help or service to others. They exist to help Alpha (or the Beta versions to help Beta.) Alpha can make Case files, for example, if there is a great war and we need the help or would like to see relief to make Alpha's world more comfortable. Alpha can make case files for any number of purposes... but what good they will do other people is another matter entirely. They are not Alpha. But, let's say that some of the world's nuclear plants are offering to fuck everything up... Alpha can make case files to assist their own living world to avoid sad injury. How much it will help, who can say? Other people, non-Alpha, do benefit, obviously, but they aren't the point.

  1. Case filing is most commonly done by giving the main case file a name “Case of the Burning Leaves” and defining what the subject matter of the case is.

  2. The BATS A.I. Case file seeks to resolve itself automatically. It makes it's own sub-cases (but we may add some as well) and makes it's own sub-files.

  3. It takes as long as it does to resolve a valid case file. The file will close automatically when it's done with the case.

Can Alpha make case files on themselves to help themselves? Yes, and also the BAT-cases are likely to do so themselves automatically.

Is there such a thing as THE BAT-LIBRARY? Yes, (acronym):

Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Leagues (of) Integrated Booking Resource Acclimated Readiness (Y= term that means “super-systems”)

These are enormous and only of moderate interest to you. The BAT-Library is, of course, artificial intelligence or better. Read what I say next very very carefully, please. We could fly off absolutely nothing but the Library alone, I'll tell you precisely why and how in very simple terms. The Library has every major relevant text on (for example) the medical arts, including the texts on the artificial intelligence medical arts (future texts dealing with A.I. medicine.) Some of these are themselves (in their original form) already an A.I. from the generation in which we took it. Similarly texts on technology, the sciences, military arts, any subject of relevant value (future texts, some of these are themselves (in their original form) already an A.I. from the generation in which we took it.) Do you... understand? Tech manuals on any kind of technology or science that you can imagine. The most advanced medical library that has ever existed. It is the ultimate library, the whole now automated at A.I. or better levels. Tech manuals that work themselves for you! That make or build things for you! Now do you get it? Think about the marvels of medicine and technology, knowledge and science all which work themselves for you and do their magic... for Alpha. Our enclaves Library alone could easily keep us going for all generations... and that's just the goddam library. It's one of Alfred's most pride and joy.

Hm? Yes well, one knows that indeed, computers do write via electro-magnetic current to bits of plastic and metal, and that the electro-magnetic signature written thereunto has been configured into 'software' devices which clearly work. This very page was written that way, and posted to the internet! Ergo one knows that the descriptions of the behavior of the BATS doing this (to timbers, screws, snaps, sheet material and etc in our home's or clothing pieces) is certainly common place enough (modern parallel: GPS tracking chips sewn into children's clothing so we don't lose track of the kid!) One may then deduce that time travel would allow one to glean the collections of such technologies, devices, utilities, tools, gear and equipment spoken of (and that the capacities of these would indeed be very real and operate as stated.) All one needs is time travel capacity and viola... instant BATS!!

Even Further Discussion Material.