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The BAT-Armor is no easy subject to comprehend. It is by far broader than you could ever truly understand, but I will endeavor to give a reasonable explanation, best I can. Please notice that “BAT” has already been identified as being the term Beta-Alpha-Tau and simply called or written ('bats') for short. Please understand that Beta-Alpha-Tau refers to three (3) classes of technology, and ergo this implies that: there is a class of Beta armor integrated to the Alpha class armor and backed by a layer of Tau class armor. For this reason sometimes the armor is referred to as being 'nestled' (i.e.; several classes and types of armor nestled into one suit of armor.)

What is the purpose of armor but to protect the wearer? In this case, the objective was to create the most advanced armor that had ever existed (unparalleled and unrivaled, specifically so that nobody could ever overcome it.) The object was to create a set of body armor that provides multiple approach to armorial protection. That the wearer appear to be dressed in normal clothing but actually be wearing full body armor. That this armorial system be capable of materializing from nowhere several forms of relevant body armor and accompanying robes, suitable to any occasion, able to handle any threat or challenge (as well as empower the bearer to handle and prevail against any threat or challenge.) Still more, that in reality it need not materialize such armor at all (even though it does and will), that the bearer be thus equipped even though he/she appears to be dressed in normal clothing. Even if the bearer appears to be completely naked, nonetheless as if dressed in full body armor, and so empowered to prevail against any threat or challenge. Due to psychological factors and other factors, the ability of the armorial system to materialize full body armor upon the body of the bearer is quite handy since a person usually feels much safer and more comfortable if they are encased in suitable armor, or have suitable protective garments.

That this armorial system be inherited and inheritable Alpha-parent-to-Alpha-child, without fail. It thus copies to, parent-to-child (and so must cover and protect the non-Alpha parent as well, obviously.) There are two standard classifications:

Pi-Lambda (the Alpha descent line) ('PL') and also Pi-Lamda-Tau (those non-Alpha whom produce Alpha children into the world) 'Beta' is also a designation used to express the same. The (Beta) form of the Armor system is subject to terms and authorizations, most especially after the birth of the final Alpha child they shall parent into the world. (Beta) Armor will cover out to the first cousin of the Alpha baby (provided that those do not violate reasonable terms and conditions.) This way Alpha in-laws may enjoy comparable protection and empowerment (if they do not cross Alpha in regard to certain matters, which the Armorial system will not help them do.) The ('Beta') Armorial system was appraised at the sum of around $400 billion and so it comes with reasonable terms which must not be violated, for obvious reasons. The actual value, calculating the various devices, utilities and equipment PLUS the relative value of the services provided... it actually clocks in at more like $2.6 Trillion. If Alpha is going to afford such valuable items, on the mere whim of the birth of a child (what is otherwise a very much desired Alpha child) then it is reasonable (given the monetary value) that terms apply (so as not to have them turn upon Alpha and to endanger Alpha or Alpha children.) Alpha could care less about the monetary value, the true value is in the blood of the Alpha child born, and since this is true, the concern is not for money but for safety (they must not help to attack Alpha. Not like this.) There is also what gets called “Inter-marital armor” (Tex Auxiliary Armor) which occurs from Alpha's BAT-armor when Alpha marries another to itself (if the intermarriage on Alpha's part was sincere enough.) There are two forms, consensual and non-consensual. Non-consensual is the more durable when the marriage will be challenged and not accepted. This way one can lock a form of Armor to the prospective mate (presumption of the Intent to matrimony. Baby:30?) The Auxiliary of the armor can also be used to make a bid to save and protect a former mate-with-children who's armor (and thus, their life) may be failing: non-consensual intermarriage invoked (BAT-Certs or BAT-Docs systems, for example.) The Auxiliary may then lock to them again, possible way to prevent their demise. The (Tex) Auxiliary of the BAT-Armor is one way of securing a potential mate (the presumption of the Intent to Matrimony: Baby:30) or to seek to extend coverage to a former mate-with-children.

That all major forms the Armorial system include various forms of medical integration (BAT-Medical integration) and life assistance integrations (LASSIN). Acronym (L.A.S.S.I.N.): Life Assistance Sub-Systems Integrations Network. These are met to assist us in general life, since one must have money to live, the system can produce gold, silver and certain classes of jewels in any quantity one pleases. These substances are produced by manufacturing them (molecular composition identical = artificial gold, silver and jewels. Indistinguishable from the naturally occurring item.) Or alternately, the business system integrations in the LASSI integrations can generate untold wealth by calculated investment in stock-markets and etc (time travel, remember? It knows the rise and fall of the stock market.) Otherwise it has a myriad of ways to generate money and dispense it to Alpha. Earlier in time, then-extant governments and societies outlawed this and forbade a damned dime of the money. But they did demand that Alpha turn the entire system over to them (AND wanted the right to use these financial means for themselves and their fuckwad countries.) The answer was 'no'... Alpha (in that generation) would live by far longer than any of them (it is a violation of authorization, of course.) The LASSIN in the armor (as well as the BATS themselves) are so good that Alpha does not have any significant difficulty living, even when the entire lot of them world-wide decide to engage in pandemic long term conspiracies trying to steal what cannot be stolen (BATS are quite impregnable.) The medical and LASSIN integrations were meant to facilitate the lives of Alpha and to allow Alpha more empowerment (both in life and in paramilitary encounter.) The symbol of the skeleton of a dead knight, in armor, resting beneath a tree: this is the symbol Alpha used to denote the folly of having such advanced Armorial system and yet to live (or even perhaps die) homeless and destitute. The Armorial systems integration and the BATS flying around the armor were meant to empower Alpha in life and in paramilitary venture, under any circumstances. And so they include “rock bottom” systems, “middle of the road” systems and “upper end” systems to afford better coverage (at all possible circumstantial states of life.) The concern was that A.I. systems meant for “upper end” support and assistance might not know properly how to live and operate at lower levels (being an A.I. machine system... maybe it would hang up if the circumstance proved unresolvable in a brief period of time.) Similarly, maybe “rock bottom” systems would not know how to ascend to higher levels and modes of conduct in life. The obvious answer was to accommodate by including all three vectors. Upper end, 'middle-of-the-road' and also 'rock-bottom' LASSIN integrations. The LASSIN were made to take Alpha up from where Alpha was at the time, whether living at rock bottom because an enemy robbed the accounts and plundered the estate, or if living at any other loftier state. No problem, if rock bottom occurs. From the treacherous straits-in-life (BATS... an exit, by God!)


This acronym has already been explained, but sometimes the acronym breaks-down instead: “...Wing Integrated Networks & General Systems.” Most people are not familiar with the facts of history, that winged armor exists and had for many many generations: as a sign of high rank and privilege. Winged Armor was used originally in most ancient times to denote a claim that the wearer was descended of one of the Gods of the people. This was common place belief in some generations as is reflected in the stories of the Greco-Roman mythology. Even the Greco-Romans used winged armor, and for the stated purpose quite commonly. Later in time, winged armor was used to denote very high rank (paramilitary and or ecclesiastical rank) and was often a reference to angels. Here are a few examples of winged armor from history:

The far left picture is a recreation of late Roman winged armor (note that even the crest of the helm is 'winged'). The second example is Polish Hussar winged armor. The third and fourth are apparently Polish and German (Prussian) Winged armor (notice that in these, the 'wings' are meant to have an angelic appearance when viewed from the front.) These are beautiful examples from history to prove that Alpha's winged armor is genuine article of history. Some Beta caste family armor is also winged armor, for the same reason. But you have also come to understand that the wings are a form of system integration in Alpha armor (that the cloak lifts up into wings but also that The BAT-Wings are some kind of technological system.) We understand that some of the stuff it does is allows Alpha to fly and escape (as if by flight or by other means.) Many forms of the wings can do a wing walk and so climb straight up a wall and across a ceiling, for example. This is similar to the way that a bat uses it's folded wings to crawl up walls and across ceilings. Alpha can, when needed (escape or other paramilitary applications) fly, climb straight up a wall or what have you, and also used to shield the body (self or another) from injury. The BAT-Wings are more than all of this, though: the technological capacity of this integration potentially allows Alpha to “fly-out” of any problem, threat or foul circumstance. They represent various modes of escape and empowerment. As the BAT-Cloak, these allow Alpha to be invisible and also afford necessary protection from the elements(which entails escape from exposure to the elements, a function related to the wings when Alpha “flies-out” and escape such-n-such a thing. Due to being winged armor, in some informal and formal modes, Alpha armor may actually display wings (opposable and mobile). Since it is winged armor, it's going to sometimes... or similarly it may cause that Alpha appears to be winged (the armor itself may remain otherwise fully invisible) in most instances of this (armor being invisible but wings displayed) they are usually the Blackwings of the Raven family from whom Alpha descended. Only when Alpha is wearing the likes of a dark overcoat is it likely to display the wings of a bat. Here are some examples of Beta and Alpha type winged armor (when armor and wings are visible.) The illustrations are drawn from public vector images of comparable things and so may not be truly exactly precise (Alpha and Beta stuff usually looks way better than these example.)

The winged armor above (cartoon example, from public vector, as an example only) is more indicative of certain Beta caste family members (but the armor may be just as ornate as shown here.) One can see that the wings appear to be a mechanical device. The second image shows what a member of the Raven family, or our bloodline (descended of them) looks like when the wings alone are displayed (note that this young man is seen wearing protective armorial clothing (that is fairly common an incarnation of the informal armor manifest.)

The first example would be indicative of a member of the Raven family (relatively high ranked male.) Next is similar to a female of the Raven family or of another family who's crest is a raptor bird. The thrid shows winged armor of this type and the wings look very technological. That happens sometimes too, in some families.

These images were chosen because they look very similar to Alpha main-descent line armor when wings are displayed in flight.

That the BAT-Armor and Beta classes have a 'motif' evidenced in certain grades of the informal and formal of the armor is a standard convention of history and bloodline identification. It comes from Heraldic practice and that family bloodline had a standard charge of the Heraldic beast (animal or bird) which the armor in these modes displays as it's 'motif'. One can tell, when these motifs are visible, which family they come from. If the 'motif' is bat-winged and bat or gargoyle-ish, that is Alpha bloodline (main descent line.) It resulted from a crossing of two bloodlines, the bloodline who's 'motif' was that of a black raven (their armor looks like a raven.) And another (unidentified) who's crest was a mammal... the raven crossed with the animal crest and morphed into a bat or gargoyle-ish 'motif'. Two 'motif's are evidenced: animal (Heraldic beasts) and bird (Heraldic bird). Of these Heraldic armorial motifs they demarcate the bloodline and can be used to track the descent lines. The animal or bird is most usually a predatory creature (hunter) denoting the paramilitary capacity of the bloodline (they are potentially dangerous and powerful.) The bloodlines that demonstrate non-predatory animals have less paramilitary capacity. Nocturnal predatory crest means they have advanced 'Black-Ops' capacity to operate “under cover of darkness” (covert para-militarism, covert operations – most normally, piratical.)

That this armorial system include arms and armaments by which to defend and prevail against any threat or challenge. It is thus equipped with a technological sword (daggers, short sword, longsword, saber and rapier), the BAT-SWORDS. Acronym: Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Swordsmanship Working Ordinance Defense Systems. This system includes a rather tricky approach to making swordsmanship technique (higher capacity levels) available upon demand-of-need. Guaranteed to prevail. No human being can prevail at all against the Alpha sword or Alpha swordsmanship. The arms systems include Pole-arms (suitable for spear or halberd, for example.) There is also a Technological musket (modern term is “shotgun”) both the long and short musket (M.U.S.K.E.T., or, Musket Utilities & Systematic Kits (of) Engagement Technology), a Technological Long Gun (modern term is “Rifle”), and so a Technological Handgun. There is also a Technological War Rifle (semi-automatic. The likes of an Uzzi, M-16 or AK-47 etc etc.) What makes these weapons “technological”? Any number of interesting facts about them: They are artificial intelligence or better. They write themselves to and/or lock-over existing firearms (for example, they can and do write themselves to the enemy's firearms... and so these cannot be used against us!) The ammunition in them is also artificial intelligence and so we cannot hit the wrong target (no chance of shooting ourselves or our kinsman.) They are automated and will shoot a motherfucker FOR Alpha, and even at a distance (in time or space), thus leaving us out of it entirely (always nice.) My personal favorite: when Alpha has no firearm and needed one, these will materialize a suitable firearm in Alpha's hands and placed just right (the foe cannot escape and cannot prevail.) Nothing like watching a woman or daughter endangered and... suddenly... she's standing there holding the awesome Alpha musket (“shotgun”) with the barrel shoved up under his nose...his head slowly tipping back. Finger on the trigger, it's over now, bitch. Of the more advanced armaments systems they include rocket launchers (“bazooka”), mortar, small missile pads and etc. They also include weapons you'd never understand (one of them for example, resembles a large or small scale telekinetic outburst.) Another may reduce an enemy's body to ash in seconds flat. There are various of the more interesting and advanced weapons in the systems. Nobody has ever been as armed as Alpha is (born into the world armed and naked? OY and how!)

There is a formal of the Armor, but even it has multiple sub-forms and might not have the same coloration or contours each time. The helm of the Alpha family line is (as usual) a grotesque helm, masked, it looks like a bat or gargoyle in the face, the two pointed ears rise from either side of the skullcap. Even the informal of the helm is subject to have short 'ears' or something similar anyways along either side of the helm. It may look more like reasonable headgear than an actual helm but if one examine it closely one sees that it has skullcap and other protection clearly. The breast plate has a large bat, wings spread, across the chest. Even in the informal, one can see the bat or it's lines upon the Alpha chestplate. The cloak, as stated elsewhere, may look more like a dark caped overcoat in the less formal. What does it mean when the armor appears upon the body and is clearly... how shall I put this? It is clearly the Bat-armor. This mode is combative and probably the most dangerous form of it, Alpha is quite powerful when thus armored. It means the situation was grave. Or, the armor wanted someone to know who we were (a kind of warning, if you will.)

From the Beta and Tau vectors of Alpha armor, there is some ability to defend the person of members of an Alpha party should they all be endangered (in group as a party.) The BAT-Armor sort of sprays it on them, hard to explain, really. It is a form of TeX Armor that is on loan to them until such time as the threat has subsided. Temporary protection and arms for them. It comes with lower grade sword, musket and pistol. In really bad situations it includes more advanced firearms such as the War rifle, even rocket launchers. Of course, all of this stuff will work itself for them, should they lack the ability or will-power to strike the fuckers down.

Even Further Discussion Material, B.U.D.O. systems.