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Matters regarding T.H.E. B.A.T.C.A.V.E

(Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Charter Acclimated Victorious Enclave)

T.H.E. B.A.T.C.A.V.E.


This page describes, in simple terms, the structure and nature of the Technological Handling Environment Beta-Alpha-Tau Charter Acclimated Victorious Enclave (the initials of which spell “The Batcave”.)


In regards to the B.A.T.S. and their LGN's, most nomenclature is a form of an acronym. An acronym is a word, phrase or term derived by the initials of something's name and this custom is fairly common of the language and culture of the author and owner of the B.A.T.S. so it shows up all the time. For example, the standard meaning of the acronym “T.H.E.” in the LGN's is almost always: “Technological Handling Environment”. An environment is a very well developed series of networks, systems, sub-systems, devices, utilities and etc assembled together. Handling is the technique and science of experienced-based problem solving and management of general conduct. So the name of the enclave betrays the fact that it was intended to address both known and unknown difficulties and prevail against them, as well as to provide a variety of other services to it's owner and his bloodline (Alpha descent line) as well as to be of assistance to the Beta families, where evidenced.

The term 'acclimated' is often encountered in the acronyms and has many kinds of meanings. One one hand, 'acclimated' means that the B.A.T.S. and their enclave are adjusted to the modes of life which their owners enjoy (possibility, for example, of cultural acclimation.) But perhaps even more importantly, 'acclimated' also means “an integration to ground-level technology” and so the B.A.T.S. and their enclave incorporate ground-level technology in any number of fashions. What is one way to understand this better? Most people are aware of the facts of computer based technologies and that they work by means of electro-magnetic signature currents written to minute pieces of metal or plastic. Such as, for example, the body of a CD/DVD or the strip of metal or plastic found within a standard computer floppy disk. B.A.T.S. can write themselves to any number of standard ground-objects, including desktop computer... such as the one I wrote this web-page document on! By doing so, they incorporate the desk-top computer in a kind of low-profile (generally unrecognized) fashion. They actually INTEGRATE the entire desk by writing themselves to the nails and screws as well as inner linings of the desk itself (that is one meaning of 'acclimated' in the acronyms.) Alpha, and their associative Beta family members want to be safe wherever they go... so the B.A.T.S. write themselves to the metal or plastic buttons, snaps, pins, clips or clasps of their clothing and accessories. Low-profile high ground level integration is common place for B.A.T.S. That is essentially what 'acclimated' means.

How do the B.A.T.S. overcome the need for more conventional hardware (mechanical-type) equipment in their operations? The easiest model I know to use will help explain much of this. I will use the example of the act of welding metal (a common function for building and manufacturing technique.) In order to arc weld, one must present electric current at certain volts to create the flash heat needed to meld two objects together (via the medium of joining material used... frequently copper or brass, which has a low melting point.) The hardware used to produce the heat is only needed to produce and carry the needed heat flash... if one could produce the heat flash by manipulation of electrical current in the atmosphere, for example... one does not need the hardware. Just the joining medium. If one can produce the joining medium via manipulation of the molecular structure (literally, producing via molecular manipulation, the joining medium needed).... one does not have to actually have copper on the site of the job! Likewise, the B.A.T.S. can produce whatever they need (it materializes out of thin air, and exists only for the length of time which they need it.)

The enclave and it's sub-clavens were intended to afford a rather high level of operational capacity and personal/familial security to it's owner and his bloodline. Operations and security are two very important factors when discussing the enclave. Operational capacity means the ability to operate in all relevant fields: personal, paramilitary, medical, you name it. Part of the enclave's operational capacities (and therefore, operations which are conducted through it by Alpha) do have a rather high covert nature to them, for paramilitary and security reasons. So the fact that they do not need visible hardware by which to operate is rather consistent with this fact, isn't it? The B.A.T.S. are rather invisible because of it. Strangely enough, the B.A.T.S. can produce, as if by magic out of nothing, even more artificial intelligence right-there-on-the-spot. Even one of the BAT-Computers might have this ability (and so one can produce many which it might need to pull off any given job or task.)


An enclave is a form of paramilitary fortress, usually built in a cave, or having a circular wall built around it. The BATS enclave could be described as a (very very large) collection of devices and equipment intended for personal and paramilitary usage by Alpha (and thereafter, by Beta) family members. It has an enormous variety of equipment, devices and supplies in it. Some of it is paramilitary, some of it is medical, some of it is paramilitary-medical equipment. Some of it is emergency equipment. There is all kinds of equipment in the enclave. All of this equipment is artificial intelligence, or better... and so does not require living operators (it literally operates itself for us.) Then there are the Operating systems (ground operations systems) which allow us to perform personal or paramilitary operations in the world. One does not have to go there personally, but doing so, one is guaranteed unparalleled safety, the equipment operates via remote and automated means.

Due to the facts of it's technology and technological structure (being of an 'acclimated' nature) the BATS enclave has a tendency to integrate certain caverns in the world to itself. This is not an easy subject to understand, but it's technologies and methodologies allow it to use inter-dimensional (for lack of a better term) techniques that make detection impossible. There is an alternate form of the BAT-cave that locks over and integrates itself to one's homes and likewise the vehicular units lock over one's vehicles, so that the very house lived in at the time has parts of the enclave written to itself (in such as the metal and plastic composition within the walls, floor and roof of the structure.) Similarly, it writes directly to the stone and mineral (sometimes metal ores) evident within the walls of the caverns that it employs in the world. The fact that it does this sort of thing means that it is not an enclave in name only, but is an enclave in fact and truth... since an enclave is a form of a fortress that usually incorporates caves and caverns.

Bats, bats and more bats.

The enclave has many many forms of B.A.T.S. The main form is the Beta-Alpha-Tau Systems (sometimes referred to instead, in this capacity, as Beta-Alpha-Tau Structure.) Bats for short.

Then there is the sub-main forms: BATS-Acclimated-Technological-Systems. Also called 'bats' for short.

There is also: BATS-Attendant-Technological-Systems, again just called 'bats' for short.

Beyond these are even lesser forms of them, such as the Beta-Acclimated-Technological-Systems ('bats') and the diminutive of these: the Banvour Attendant Technological Systems ('bats').

In the end, even BATS, BATS AND MORE BATS is an acronym of the systems wherein it reads as an acronym “Acclimated Networks (of) Defense Maintenance Operational Resources (of) Engagement” (the initials spelling “A.N.D. M.O.R.E.”).

The enclave Head A.I. is called “the Acclimated League (of) Familial Ready Engagement Devices” also known affectionately as “Alfred” (the initials of the league device's name spell “A.L.F.R.E.D.”). Alfred is one of the Technological-Handling-Environment Bats-Utility-Technological-League (of)-Engagement-Resource-Systems (known as THE BUTLERS for short.) The names' initials spell “The Butlers”. Ergo, he is commonly known as “Alfred the Butler”.

In the Beta-Alpha-Tau Enclave, one of the main operational networks is called THE GOBLIN (General Operational Bats League (of) Integrated Networks, goblin for short.) The Goblin has a few operational sub-versions (or 'diminutives') of itself, one of the better known of these is the HOBGOBLIN (Handling Operational Bats General Ordinance Battlefield League (of) Integrated Networks) in one form, there are other forms of the Hobgoblin, as well as the Goblin itself. To further illustrate this matter, such networks might be expected to have what is called an “Operating Vendor” which is a series of suites designed to allow ease in usage for those whom have the required authorization. So for example, one might encounter the Goblin Voice (or, Goblin Vendor) which is the Operating Vendor in the network. Whether as Goblin Voice or Vendor, it too is an acronym: (V.O.I.C.E.) Voice-Operational-Integrated-Chartered-Engagement, (V.E.N.D.O.R.) Vending-Engagement-Network (of)-Defense-Operational-Resources.

The main computer interface in the enclave is called T.H.E. B.A.T.C.O.M.P.U.T.E.R. An acronym that means: “Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Computer (of) Operations & Maintenance Personal Utility Technological Engagement Resource”, naturally it is highly authorized as to whom may make use of the main interface. It would be extremely dangerous to violate authorizations on this interface. Even in the ranks of the Alpha descent line, only specific high familial rank can actually use this interface. As the full name of the interface clearly indicates, there is an operational relationship between Alfred and the main interface (they are both part of the “Technological Engagement Resource Systems”.) The main interface has more or less direct access to the entire resource arrays (of the entire enclave).

Due to the obvious severity of circumstances, the relative value of the technology and likely threat of those whom do not show proper respect for Alpha bloodline members, it was deemed necessary to employ the advanced technology to formulate and deploy specialized body armor for members of the Alpha bloodline, and the associative Beta caste family lines. This technological armor is the most advanced and powerful set of body armor ever devised: T.H.E. B.A.T.A.R.M.O.R.

The Technological Handling Environment Beta-Alpha-Tau Armorial Resistance & Maintenance Operational Resource is called the BAT-armor, for short. It is literally body armor, of an amazing dimension and operational capacity. Meant to be otherwise completely invisible in it's base form, the root form resides in the Beta-Alpha-Tau enclave itself. The base form is largely invisible and undetectable, it was meant to afford unparalleled bodily protection whilst affording amazing operational capacities to it's bearer. One appears to be dressed in mere street clothing but in fact one is dressed in full body armor! Even whilst nude, perhaps caught off guard while bathing(?) one is actually wearing this full body armor. Much of it's systems operate on an automated basis only and activate during times of danger and duress. It includes various types of combat modes (interpersonal defense mode, interpersonal paramilitary mode, paramilitary mode and etc.) The armor can speak. There are many of it's systems which can speak. Some of them are paramilitary systems and may sometimes have one-heck-of-an-attitude when speaking. Naturally, the armor has a direct jack into the enclave, for operational and security purposes. Trying to explain what the Bat-armor looks like during full activation is not that easy (it has several modes.) It includes armorial robes, as armor does anyways, and so it incorporates whatever one is wearing for clothing at the time may be the case (but it may automatically dress the bearer in better grade clothing and robes if circumstance warrant it.) This is not easy to understand, because on one hand it means that some form of the armor writes itself to buttons, snaps and buckles of one's clothing to convert the clothing into a modest form of 'armorial garments. In full operational mode, it is strictly armor and armorial robes, and composes of the usual pieces of armor and armorial robes (but uses a modest modernized adaptation of such as traditional tabards, cloaks and mantles and etc, when it uses these kinds of robes.) THE ARMOR AND ROBES ARE (and so make the bearer) quite BULLETPROOF, FIREPROOF, PERCUSSION PROOF (and percussion resistant), CUT & STAB PROOF it is said to invincible and impregnable. It has automated medical and paramilitary-medical integrations, as well as manual versions of these integrations (so medical prevention of injury as well as medical recovery!!) And much much more beyond all of this.

The Helm is grotesque (this means it has a shape and mask to it. That is the standard term for this kind of helm, a grotesque helm). The Salade of the Helm (skullcap) is armored and has certain operational integrations. The ears on the Helm are devices, among other things one can hear at a distance in either time or space. One can hear in their own language. The eyes or eyelets on the Helm mean that one can see at a distance in time or space. The maul and mouth plate on the Helm's faceplate-mask mean that one can speak and be heard in other languages, even at a distance in time and space. But this has other functions too: operational functions and it serves as a microphone by which the systems can receive authorized verbal input, for example. The neck-plate Gorget is often a single piece with the Helm. The Pauldron Gardbraces (shoulder plates) are armored. The Breastplate is usually emblazoned with the symbol of a Bat with it's wings outstretched, in the Alpha descent line (main lines only may prove the case?) This bat is actually a separate Bats operating system unto itself (touching this is dangerous for those whom do not have authorization.) Touching the person, or the armor, is dangerous for those whom do not have authorization. The Breastplate may have any number of design compositions depending upon what circumstances and what form the main armorial system generated at the time. This is true of the armor in general. The Rerebrace (rear of upper arm), Couter (elbow pads) and Vambrace (forearm guards) protect the arm, the Vambrace is usually one piece with the Gauntlet (glove). The glove has a variety of operational integrations. The Cuise (thigh pads), Polyn (Kneecap pads) and Greives (Shinguard pads) protect the leg and may have operational integration. The Greives are usually one piece with the Boot. The armorial robes are included, in antiquity they were meant to catch the sun and to stop rain from endueing the suit of armor and making the bearer troubles. The modernized version of these robes is used, they serve a purpose beyond the original intention. The cloak or cape, for example, on the Alpha main descent line is invected across the bottom and will lift up into what look rather like the wings of a Bat, or sometimes a (black) bird in some incarnations of the armor. The wings are mobile and opposable (functional wings.) But they are part of the cloak (in fact they are the cloak, it only looks like wings when it lifts up to form them.) The cloak is a Cloak of Invisibility as well, this is one of it's functional integration purposes, it allows one to become invisible and to remain unseen. The cloak is (and along with the other robes) bulletproof, fireproof, cutproof and etc. It adds another layer of needed protection or can be draped by the bearer over another whom has no protection (as wings it can be used likewise to shield their body.) There is a secret to be found within the inside folds of the cloak when one drapes it over the body and perhaps that of another... one can be transported thereby to a safer position by far!

The armor is not of the ancient variety, it is not stiff or rigid, nor is it particularly heavy on the body. Any number of fabrics may be evidenced in the composition of the armor: suede and leather, as well as a more advanced form of kevlar and syntex types of operational fabrics. It is soft and feels rather modest or even a thin fabric, quite comfortable to move in and to wear. One would never guess that it is so armorial as to allow the bodily protection which it provides, but do remember: the qualities of protection are also carried out by extremely advanced technological means. It can appear and disappear off the body instantly, cause the bearer to appear and disappear instantly it compiles itself out of thin air upon our bodies.

Furthermore, the Armorial system includes weapons systems and armament systems, conventional based and technological based. There is a Technological (and integrated conventional) form of sword, musket, pistol and a dagger (for example.) The armor or the weapon itself may place such a weapon into the bearer's hand and at the enemy's throat in such position as he is hard placed to escape. It also comes with... slightly more advanced weapons systems, of which we...shall not speak. The armor is quite enjoyable to wear and does not burden the bearer which is nice in the event of forced march to safety over a great distance... which is absolutely unnecessary. The transport systems of the armor grant one the ability to fly or to otherwise traverse great distances as if by mere magic and so one has no need of forced marches.

The armor is backed up multiple times over, by separate devices and systems which all provide the same sorts of protection and operational capacity. One cannot be berefted of these benefits by any means at all.

Regarding Equipment and Operations.