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There are several ways to approach this subject. I will use the more expedient approach. In this generation, one can easily acquire a number of useful kinds of equipment if one wants to: Paramilitary tools and equipment, Medical tools and equipment , Emergency tools and equipment, Camping tools and equipment (hunting and fishing), Household tools and equipment, Professional tools and equipment, Personal tools and equipment, etc etc.

As with the current generation much of this stuff is going computerized and so you may understand that in the future... most of it is artificial intelligence! In some generations, it is fully artificial intelligence and does not require any living operator at all. The BATS enclave is chock full of all these kinds of equipment (anything you could think of and much you'd never understand!) One may use this equipment in two fashions: on an automated basis it serves to help, protect and provide for the authorized recipients. On an operational basis, there are versions that could be used to handle others or to perform a number of various kinds of operations and conducts (these include 'general authorizations' version so that, for example the BAT-medics can rendered medical attention to others not authorized.) Please consider the basic list of tool and equipment types that would normally be available, to understand the possibilities:

  1. Paramilitary Tools and Equipment – land, sea and air.

  2. Medical Tools and Equipment – preventative and restorative.

  3. Emergency Tools and Equipment – land, sea and air. Natural disaster, Civic, military and private.

  4. Camping Tools and Equipment – land and sea.

  5. Household Tools and Equipment – private and familial.

  6. Professional Tools and Equipment – any number of fields of expertise and business.

  7. Personal Tools and Equipment – any number of fields of expertise and business.

  8. Whatever else there might be available.

All... at levels too advanced... to be comprehended... automated... artificial intelligence... true technological development.

Now when one considers this, one can begin to understand, since even these days computer systems for just about anything are beginning to appear. The B.A.T.S. are the most developed that have ever appeared. I will therefore proceed, from this reasonable basis of explanation to explain some specific matters of what is available through the B.A.T.S. to Alpha bloodline members. Please remember that some things only operate on a strict automated basis and cannot be tampered with nor used manually. Other stuff was meant to be used manually, but usually has an element of time travel integral to it's composition, design and usage (ergo, it moves through and effects things via the medium of time travel.) THERE ARE, or may be, VERSIONS THAT DON'T EXACTLY USE TIME TRAVEL. Even when manual operational systems, they are still very much artificial intelligence and thus quite “automated” despite their intent as manual usage systems. This means that, when used, they are by far more powerful and proficient than mere (non-artificial intelligence) devices and systems. One can frequently achieve marvelous results due to this convention of technology known as B.A.T.S.

The FIRST rule of thumb to remember:

The B.A.T.S. were created by one man to protect and empower himself and all children descended of him (indirect descent from him still applies but not as profoundly.) All B.A.T.S. and the BATS enclave exist to facilitate the stated objective (protection and empowerment of the one: ALPHA.) Anyone whom is not Alpha may not be authorized to the B.A.T.S. or their services (except through whatever 'General authorizations' systems exist, such as to allow usage of advanced medical upon non-authorizable persons.) That is to say that the systems were not made to service those outside the Alpha bloodline. Limited ability to service authorizations was seen as a standard of self-protection since some might not respect the standing of Alpha. However, high level Alpha authorization (full level authorization and empowerment) means that Alpha can do what it wants to, provided that the specific non-Alpha parties being assisted did not cross certain lines (dis-authorization by violation of terms and conditions.) Even when lines have been crossed, it is possible that Alpha may be able to take what actions it wants to regarding them... or at least it doesn't hurt to give it a shot!! This would be under the terms of general authorizations. Perhaps some part of Alpha's intentions can be achieved... even in the face of dis-authorization by means of term violations.

The first rule of thumb also means that Alpha does not provide services for others. Service orientation does not exist, orientation is action based only. Empowerment to take action is guaranteed. Sometimes, taking action means to perform operations or conducts through, or in tandem with, the B.A.T.S. Action (activity) can be thought of as being composed largely of (listed in alphabetic order) : Actions, Casing & Filing, Conducts, Documentation, Exercises, Intelligence, Operations, Packages, Projects, Protocols, Recording, Surveillance and etc. Of course, many of these are produced automatically out of the B.A.T.S. (largely, all case filing is handled automatically, for example. But one can and does make and place their own named files within those, for example.) One can and does make their own, in tandem with the B.A.T.S. automations

So, to understand the matter is to consider what tools and equipment are involved and what taking action would be composed of, this coupled with the automated nature of the B.A.T.S. (artificial intelligence or better.) As well as the formation and purpose of the BAT-armor and B.A.T.S. enclave.

  1. Actions (named and defined)

  2. Casing & Filing (named and recorded)

  3. Conducts (named and recorded) these as in “conducting something” carrying something out.

  4. Documentation (named and defined)

  5. Exercises (named and defined) these as in “exercising the ability to do something” carrying something out.

  6. Intelligence (purpose and definition)

  7. Operations (named and defined) these as in “performing something” carrying something out.

  8. Packages (named and defined) these as in “packing something” to carry something out.

  9. Projects (named and defined) these as in “a project to do something” carrying something out.

  10. Protocols (named and defined) these as in “an alternate way to do something” carrying something out.

  11. Recording (named and purpose defined)

  12. Surveillance and etc.


The matter turns out to be fairly simple and (largely) non-complex. That the enclave, and hence some of it's B.A.T.S. were made specifically to do this sort of thing and to do so for Alpha in an automated fashion, the following entries on this page ought to be easy enough to understand. They are part of how one does what one does when we take action through the Enclave.


Beta-Alpha-Tau Record Engagement Chartered Operational Resources (of) Defense System

B.A.T.-D.O.C.S.…...Beta-Alpha-Tau Documental Operations Chartered Systems

The making of operational documents (artificial intelligence and better) entered by Alpha, verbal or written (hand-written, typed or computerized). They are automatically converted to BAT-Records and BAT-Docs... which carry out the operational activity one has defined therein. One can thus engage in interpersonal, personal, paramilitary and other activities by means of merely making documents to that effect (as implied here.)

B.A.T.-F.I.L.E.S.…...Beta-Alpha-Tau Filing Integrated League (of) Engagement Systems

The making of operational and other case files (artificial intelligence and better) entered by Alpha, verbal or written (hand-written, typed or computerized). They are automatically converted to BAT-Records and BAT-Docs... which carry out the operational activity one defined therein. One can thus engage in interpersonal, personal, paramilitary and other activities by means of merely making documents to that effect (as implied here.) Also, automatics records created and filed by the B.A.T.S. themselves in regard to Alpha and its progenitor . And etc etc.

Thus one also has an automated 'tandem' with the B.A.T.S. so that, wherein one engage in the affairs of life (at any level or vector of life) it operates in tandem with Alpha to help accomplish those good intentions. The acronyms speak commonly of “Engagement (Resources/Systems/Networks)”... this is ENGAGEMENT (in) any vector of life itself being spoken of. Life engagement, engaging in making a life, engaging in business, engaging in marriage, engaging in (para-) military affairs, you name it (it all applies!) The Butler and all other 'engagement' devices always include all of these!

Whether one is going through the mere motions of life or engaging in specific activity, even so specific as to engage in BAT-Ops it does so both in tandem (one need give no attention) and to work in tandem when one does enter operational material to the systems (largely by verbal or written entry.) There is of course reference to the 'acclimations' here and so it is integrated to general life and activity movements in the world (at any and all levels.) So, having pointed all this out, it is further expedient to describe certain common pieces of equipment that the B.A.T.S. routinely use in the course of the lives and activities of Alpha.

THE BAT-ARMOR (acronym):

Technological Handling Environment Beta-Alpha-Tau Armorial Maintenance & Operational Resource

This series of devices and networks locks over and writes itself to any clothing or body armor one is using. It also produces these for Alpha, out of nowhere, when one has need of and lacks them. In active modes it provides a serious variety of personal empowerment: advanced surveillance capacities, superior capacities (strength, speed and agility) as well various martial powers (invisibility, levitation, flight & escape capacities etc etc.) THE BAT-WINGS as mentioned the cloak lifts up into wings, the acronym reads “...Working/Wing Integrated Networks & General Systems...” Among the extended capacity of the integrations and etc, is the Utility Belt (THE BAT-BELTS: Technological Handling Environment Beta Alpha Tau Belts (of) Engagement, Leagues (of) Technological Systems). You would never understand what is in the (various and sundry) utility belts that the armor has integral to it. Perhaps if I pointed out that technology is always getting smaller and smaller and that entire functional systems can be quite small, one might begin to understand just how powerful some of the utility belts really are?

THE BUTLERS (acronym):

Technological Handling Environment BATS Utility Technological League (of) Engagement Resource Systems.

Among them, 'Alfred', the Chief butler (Acclimated League (of) Familial Ready Engagement Devices). Butlers are kind of what the name implies, they serve Alpha in life but also have amazing capacities that are consistent with the conventional understanding of B.A.T.S. as expressed herein, and the operations of the BATS enclave. Life engagement, engaging in marriage and business, paramilitary engagement, you name it.


Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Computer Operational Personal Utility Technological Engagement Resource

Refers to the main interface to the assembly, network and collection of...

THE BAT-COMPUTERS (acronym):Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Computer Operational Personal Utility Technological Engagement Resource Systems

The most advanced array and collection of artificial intelligence (or better) computers and computerized equipment for Alpha usage, of course. They also, of course, integrate and write themselves to any ground computers we might be using. The subject is rather complex as to what various forms of the BAT-computers exist and how they occur in the environment around Alpha itself. For example, there is a form of the BAT-computers that take three dimensional shape and form, they appear to be bats (the animal) flying around about Alpha's position as Alpha comes and goes. One would never know that they are not the winged animal but instead they are quite literally artificial intelligence BAT-computers.

THE BATMAN (acronym):

Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Military/or/Maintenance Attache Network

Also known in more formal address as THE TAMAN (also an acronym, of course). There are multiple forms of The Batman, not all the acronyms break down identically. The Batman as a network differs from the Batman as a rank (in which case the acronym reads: “...Attache (in the) Network.” This is a fairly high rank of Technological knighthood (paramilitary caste). The Network is extremely large and does include the next entry listed (The Goblin) among other things. One way to understand the Batman is that, as a network, it was meant to be able to field literally anything (any threat at any level) and prevail against it. With the convention of time travel, I am sure that you can understand how this might be possible? In either event, the network was meant to be able to field literally any threat and prevail. Not only prevail but prevail quite easily. For example, pandemics such as an Ice Age which would threaten stability and reverse the course of civilization. The Batman has STATUS-QUO systems that can easily re-establish all relevant lines of civilization. It can restore food and supply lines, electricity and fuel supplies. Re-establish communication lines. Education systems. You name it. The Batman can restore the status quo of our civilization (under any duress). It doesn't take it years, decades or centuries to do it. It can restore them fully in weeks or months.

THE GOBLIN (acronym):

Technological Handling Environment, General Operational BATS League (of) Integrated Networks

The Goblin is technically part of the Batman network, but some forms of the Goblin are separate from the Batman. It is a main operational network and was made to perform operations, conducts and activity through. Commonly this would be done through the Goblin Vendor, an operating vendor (that which facilitates and allows operations to be conducted) within the Goblin itself. There is not much one could not do through the Goblin, for example, one could use it to build the Bats Enclave itself (had it not already existed.)


Technological Handling Environment, Acclimated Integrated Kits (of) Intelligence

Even the word network is sometimes thought of as an acronym: “Network (of) Engagement Technological Working Operational Resources & Kits” The Aiki-Network is another operational network from within the Bats Enclave. Likewise it was made to perform operations, conducts and activities through (but it's authorizations are quite specific even within the Alpha bloodline itself.)

THE BAT-MEDICS (acronym):

Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Medical Emergency & Defense Integrated Chartered Systems

These systems are exactly what they sound like: highly advanced medical systems. In the modern era, lots of medical equipment and most of medicine itself is going computerized. In the future, it is all artificial intelligence and quite well developed. As today, one can acquire any medical supplies and equipment one wants to, if one has the money to make the purchase. Most people don't because they don't need the equipment and don't know how to operate it. Artificial intelligence medical stuff operates itself for Alpha. The medical sciences of the BAT-Medics is so highly advanced that there is virtually nothing that it cannot field. Thus it provides most effective physical and medical security to Alpha.

THE BAT-MOBILE unit (acronym):

Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Mobile Operations Battlefield(or other version) Integrated League (of) Engagement (units).

This league of devices and networks locks over and writes itself to the vehicles Alpha uses or are riding in, to afford the services needed and to facilitate the empowerment intended. As I am sure you can understand it provides an amazing number of services (artificial intelligence automation, of course, as always.) It converts any Alpha vehicle or any vehicle Alpha are in, over to the level of B.A.T.S. grade of technology. Integration via acclimation.

THE BAT-BOATS (acronym):

Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Boating Operations Acclimated Technological Systems

This is a series of various maritime equipment that (among other things) can convert non-maritime ground equipment into maritime devices (it can turn your family car into a form of a boat, if flooding has, for example, trapped you and your party.) This includes a variety of maritime emergency equipment and maritime operational equipment (a form of scuba suit, several actually and may be completely invisible also has it's own modes of transportation integrated so that Alpha can move easily through the water.) Life vests (automated artificial intelligence) also having, among other capacities (scuba suit-like qualities and it's own mode of transit possible.) Any form of relevant maritime equipment (paramilitary, emergency, personal... you name it!) Converts any boat and maritime equipment Alpha is currently using over to BAT-BOATS stuff, automatically, of course.

THE BAT-BIKES (acronym):

Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Biking Integrated Kits-of-Engagement Systems

An alternate form of transportation related technologies, devices and utilities. Will as usual convert any form of bike (motor bike or manual bicycle) over to Bat-Bikes. My kid was clocked at about 110 mph on his bicycle along a certain highway in the area at the time... if you catch my drift. It does this by manipulation of time and space (from your perspective, the bike isn't moving any faster than normal... it's a quite comfortable ride.) Lots of proper safety and emergency equipment relevant to biking (whether motor-bike or not) is naturally included.

THE BAT-PLANES (acronym):

Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Plane Leagues (of) Acclimated Networks & Engagement Systems

Aircraft and flight related stuff, naturally. Converts any aircraft Alpha is in over to BAT-Planes stuff. Can convert non-aircraft devices and equipment over to BAT-Planes stuff and thus allowing it to fly when otherwise that would be fully impossible. This includes the person and body of Alpha themselves. Part of this involves THE BAT-Wings when the armor takes to flight... hence Alpha can fly, in a pinch.

THE BAT-GEAR (acronym):

Technological Handling Environment, Beta-Alpha-Tau Gear & Equipment Arranged Resource

Kind of a catch all, various kinds of artificial intelligence gear and equipment by which to enjoy further security and empowerment. Also through which to engage in operations, conducts and activities. To name a few examples: the BAT-ROPES, the BAT-HOIST, the BATARANG, etc etc. These three have possible connection to one another, as pieces of gear. Each is an acronym and each is artificial intelligence systems. The acronym for “THE” has been well enough defined, so: (Bat-ropes) Beta-Alpha-Tau Resources (of) Operational Purpose Engagement Systems. (Bat-hoist) Beta Alpha Tau Hoisting Operational Integrated Systems & Techniques. (Batarang) Beta-Alpha-Tau Acclimated Resource Arranged Networks & Gear. Of the Hoists, I assume you would understand that emergency equipment usually does include a variety of hoists and that even today, these are going computerized. In the future they are artificial intelligence... one easily found hoisting equipment that you wouldn't believe me if I told you what it can do! Hoists are usually used to pull people and equipment up out of danger. Hoists were found hoists that will pull out of way more than a mere goddam ditch, chum. To continue this minor example, by way of explanation: many forms of the Batarang can be used as a personal weapon in defense of oneself. But certain forms of the Batarang can be used as a tracking device (magnetic, one version can be attached to the undercarriage of a vehicle and has tracking gear in it.) Another version can be used in conjunction with the Bat-ropes and Hoist to pull people or equipment up to a higher place, for example. There are many many forms of gear and what our BAT-Gear is: a collection of the variety of artificial intelligence (or better) gear and equipment that was available to collect and assemble together (hence eventually these all form into Technological Handling Environments.) So now you can understand the validity of the acronyms!

Further Matters and Discussions.