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This is an amateur translation for enjoyment only, the original website can be found at:

I remind you that any given Japanese term can be pronounced any of several different ways, and ryuha specific terms are even more subject to
this language phenomenon. This being the case, it's hard to tell how some of these terms should be rendered. I do what I can to render them accurately.



Owari Tenshin Koryū Kenpō



Note: the surname, Owari “尾張, can also be pronounced “Obari” or “Ohari” and I can't tell which pronunciation to use?


【 天心古流拳法 相伝目録 】

Tenshin Koryū Kenpō Sōden Mokuroku  ]

[  Heaven's Heart Old School, Fist Method Inheritance Catalog  ]


拳法   Kenpō    Fist Method


青龍拳    十五法   Seiryūken    Blue Dragon Fist    15 Methods

猛虎拳   十五法   Mokōken     Fierce Tiger Fist    15 Methods

当身殺法   十五法  Atemi Sappō   Kill by Striking Method    15 Methods

七十二門拳   Sichijūnimon-ken    72 Gates Fist

 [ NOTES: this 'Sichijunimon-ken' is some kind of reference to the 72 'climates' of the year, based on the 24 solar seasons. I would guess that it is a teaching about utilizing nature and the seasons of nature. ]

柔術   Jujutsu    Gentle Art


初伝 上段之位  十二法

Shōden Jōdan No Kurai    Initial Transmission   Upper Position    12 Methods

初伝 中段之位  十二法

Shōden Chūdan No Kurai    Initial Transmission   Middle Position    12 Methods

初伝 下段之位  十二法

Shōden Gedan No Kurai    Initial Transmission   Lower Position    12 Methods

小手取之位     十二法

Kotedori No Kurai    Position of a Wrist Capture    12 Methods

骨法之秘伝     十六法

Koppō No Hiden     Bone Method Secret Transmission    16 Methods

中伝之位      十二法

Chūden No Kurai     Position of Middle Transmission    12 Methods

奥伝之位      十二法

Okuden No Kurai     Position of Inner Transmission    12 Methods

至奥之位      十二法

Shioku No Kurai     Position of Inner Attainment    12 Methods

[ NOTE: this 'shioku' is a term just like 'oku-iri' and means “Entrance to Secrets” i.e.; having achieved the Okuden level. ]

免許之位      十二法

Menkyo No Kurai     License Position    12 Methods

片手取之位     十二法

Katatedori No Kurai    Position of Single Hand Capture    12 Methods

居取之位      十二法

Iridori No Kurai     Position of Sitting Capture    12 Methods

椅取之位      十三法

Idori No Kurai     Position of Chair Capture    13 Methods

揮閃之位      十二法

(?) Furui-hirame (?) No Kurai    Position of Wielding    12 Methods

皆伝之位      十二法

Kaiden No Kurai     Position of Completed Transmission    12 Methods

印可之位      十二法

Inka No Kurai     Position of Complete Proficiency    12 Methods

霊拳伝     至妙拳(表裏二十四法・萬字之奥祕事)

(?)Reiken /Ryōken tsude(?)     Shimyōken   (Omote Ura Nijushi-hō Manji No Ōhishō )

Spirit Fist Tradition              Extraordinary Fist Tradition  (Outer and Inner 24 Methods 'Inner Secret Book of 10,000 Characters') 


Ōuei Reiki No Hō   ( Rokko Hishuku Kuji Shinpō Oyobi Hayagiri Hō Hikoto )

Method of the Eternity Accepting Aura ( 6 Armors Secret Celebration 9 Syllables True Method And Early Cutting Method Secret Matters )

[ NOTES: "Eternity accepting"【応永】is also the name of an era in Japanese history, the Ouei era (1394 -1428 a.d.) So the phrase 'Ouei reiki no ho' could easily be translated
something like: “Method of Antiquity” indicating a specific part of antiquity, namely, the Golden era. This 'Ouei no ho' is directly related to the Kuji-juji-no-ho (9 Syllables
10 Syllables Method ) and to the divination system known as Kimon Tonko (Qiamen Dunjia, in Chinese.)


捕手術   Torite-jutsu    Grappling Art

短棒伝(一尺三寸)   Tanbō Tsude (Isshaku Sansun)    Pocket Stick (1 Foot 3 Inches)

基本六法   Kihon Roppō    Basic Six Methods

初伝勢法      十五法

Shōden Seihō     Initial Transmission Strength Methods    15 Methods

中伝勢法      十五法

Chūden Seihō    Middle Transmission Strength Methods    15 Methods

奥伝勢法      十五法

Okuden Seihō     Inner Transmission Strength Methods    15 Methods

皆伝勢法      十五法

Kaiden Seihō     Complete Transmission Strength Methods    15 Methods

奥祕双挫伝     十七法

Ohi Sōza Tsude     Inner Secrets Seated Pair Transmission    17 Methods

奥祕双挫伝     胡蝶乱    Ohi Sōza Tsude     Kochōran

Inner Secrets Seated Pair Transmission     Butterfly Battle

[ NOTES: 'Kochoran' is a word that means “Butterfly flock; Butterfly orchid” (胡蝶蘭), here it is written instead with the character 'Ran' ()
to give it the meaning of 'riot; conflict; skirmish; battle'. It is a picture of a crap-load of butterflies flitting about violently. Kochoran is probably
methods of dealing with a riot or skirmish, many parties fighting, such as in the streets or on a battlefield?

八寸挫伝  Hassunza Tsude     Seated Eight Inches [Apart] Transmission

[ NOTES: Judging by the contents below, this is not sitting methods, but the term () 'seated' means instead 'residing in', 'staying in', 'being in'.
So it should probably be rendered “Method of [Using the Circumstances One is] Immediately Residing In.”

五行之位       十五法

Gogyō No Kurai     Position of [Using] the Five Elements    15 Methods

四季之位       十五法

Shiki No Kurai     Position of [Using] the Four Seasons    15 Methods

月之位        十五法

Tsuki No Kurai     Position of [Using] the Moon, Moonlight and Nighttime Hours    15 Methods

日之位        十五法

Hi No Kurai     Position of [Using] the Sun, Daylight and Daylight Hours    15 Methods


Iju Hitori Tsude    Transmission of Solely Instructing One Person


半棒伝   Hanbō Den    Half Staff Traditions

半棒五法之構  Hanbō Gohō No Kamae    Five Posture Methods of the Half Staff

基本八法  Kihon Happō    Basic Eight Methods

半棒初伝      十二法    Hanbō Shōden    Initial Transmission of Half Staff    12 Methods

半棒中伝      十二法    Hanbō Chūden    Middle Transmission of Half Staff    12 Methods

半棒奥伝      十二法    Hanbō Okuden    Inner Transmission of Half Staff    12 Methods

杖 術  Jōjutsu    Cane Arts

九通之型        九法   (?)Kyūshū/ Kyū Tōshi (?) No Kata    Nine Documents Form    9 Methods

萬字之型        九法    Manji No Kata     Form of 10,000 Characters    9 Methods

前目録        十二法    Mae Mokuroku    Front Catalog Listing    12 Methods

後目録        九法    Ushiro Mokuroku    Back Catalog Listing    9 Methods

式杖之伝        十法    Shikijō No Tsutae    Teachings about Cane Styles    9 Methods

許杖之伝        十法    Yurushijō No Tsutae    Teachings about Licensed Cane    9 Methods

投杖          二法    Nagejō    Cane Throwing    2 Methods 


手裏剣術  Shuriken-jutsu    Blade Throwing Art




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