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This is an amateur translation of the all-Japanese website:

The translation presented here is for enjoyment only. I enjoyed the content so much that I posted my amateur translation here on my site.
This ryuha has some unusual (by our standards) technique names and I wasn't sure how to render some of them, if I made any mistakes –
I deeply apologize but it is only an amateur translation.


Addendum dated November 16, 2008

無双神伝英信流抜刀兵法 澁川一流柔術   道標

Muso Shinden Eishin Ryu Battō Heihō        Shibukawa Ichi Ryu Jujutsu       Dōhyō


Without Comparison Traditional English Truth (!?!) School, Drawn Sword Martial Art

Shibukawa ichi ryu (reluctant river first-class school), Jujutsu                           Guide



1.  Features of the Jujutsu Kata of the Shibukawa ichi ryu (reluctant river first-class school)

2.柔術 渋川一流 目録 渋川一流柔術の形の特徴

2. Jujutsu of the Shibukawa ichi ryu (reluctant river first-class school)  Catalog of the Features of the Jujutsu Kata of the Shibukawa ichi ryu (reluctant river first-class school)



The Kata Forms of Shibukawa ichi ryu (reluctant river first-class school) jujutsu consists of technique which protects oneself and body using weapons,
and such as Hand to hand combat [Sude (素手) “Empty hands”], unarmed against the sword art having nothing to start with, Bojutsu staff art and various
technique (tanbō short stick, Sanshakubō 3 foot staff, and Rokushakubō 6 foot staff), Jutte truncheon and Fundō chain weapon, a Kusarigama
chained sickle, and Iai fast draw art.



Moreover, the group division of the Forms are carried out by the method of setting up with a partner in group, to begin with 35 forms of
Kutsugata “Shodding Forms” are learned first being the Kihon foundations of all the forms.


Forms are not shown off [or can also mean: “not carried out fully”] , simplicity and simple motion so that the partner/opponent may be controlled.



Besides Formal Patterns [ Kata no keikō, Alt form of “Kata geiko”], staff drawing, pillow draw out [name of a technique or method] and etc are taught as a method of training, and the (ground) exercises equivalent to the Free form exercises [Randori] of Judo is also taught.

柔術 渋川一流 目録

Jujutsu    Shibukawa Ichi Ryu   Mokuroku


履形 (中段・下段を突いてくるのを制す形)

Kutsugata    Shodding Forms   (Form which Controls by Poking the Middle and the Lower Berth


 負投  裏投    Oi Nage   Ura Nage     Hoisting throw   Rear throw

 巻返  柔投    Maki Gaeshi    Yawa(ra) Nage    Winding counter   Yielding throw

 返投  捻付    Hen Nage   Nejitsuke    Throwing back  Pinching-out 

 腰投  抗止    Koshi Nage    Kue Dome    Hip throw   Rival stopper

 潜投  切込    Kuguri Nage   Kirikomi   Immersion throw   Cutting-in

 蹴込  浪人捕    Kerikomi  Ronin Dori    Kicking-in   Ronin (Masterless Samuraii) capture

 足裏  返り投    Ashi Ura    Kayari Nage    Sole-of-the-foot    Returning throw

 返返  絞り   Hen Gaeshi   Shibori    Repeatedly     Pressing

 掻込  眼潰    Kaikomi    Gan Tsubushi   Raking-in (Carrying under the arm)  Sight destroyer

 呼吸投  蹴投    Kokyū Nage   Keri Nage    Breath/Trick throw   Kicking Out

 切落  蹴落    Kiri Otoshi  Keri Otoshi     Lopping off   Kick down

 組落  潜返    Kumi Otoshi    Kuguri Gaeshi     Grappling drop   Immersion counter

 頭捕  当捕    Kashira Dori    Atari Dori    Head capture   Striking a blow

小車  前車     Ko Guruma    Mae Guruma    Small wheel   Front wheel    (¡Automobile Terms!)

 当返  当投    Atari Gaeshi   Atari Nage    Counterattack  Strike down

 捻捕  引込    Neji Dori   Hikikomi    Twisting capture  Drawing-in

 投込  腰投    Nagekomi   Koshi Nage  Throwing-in(to) Hip throw

 地捕    Ji Dori    Taking ground


吉掛 (肩を突き押してくるのを制す形)


Hooking Luck / ? / Getting Luck     (Form which Controls by Poking and Pushing the Shoulder)


 負投  裏投  Oi Nage  Ura Nage    Hoisting throw   Rear throw

 返投  捻付  Hen Nage   Nejitsuke    Throwing back   Pinching-out 

 落投  掻込  Otoshi Nage   Kaikomi    Throwing down Raking-in

 絞り  巻返  Shibori    Maki Gaeshi     Pressing   Winding counter  

 裏返  呼吸投    Ura Gaeshi    Kokyū Nage    Rear counter  Breath/Trick throw

 腰投  平押   Koshi nage   Hira Osae    Hip throw  Pressing flat 

 平打  掻込    Hira Uchi    Kaikomi    Knocking flat  Raking-in

 眼潰  投込    Gan Tsubushi   Nagekomi    Sight destroyer  Throwing-in(to)

 当投  当捕    Atari Nage    Atari Dori    Strike down Striking a blow

 切込  蹴込    Kirikomi   Kerikomi     Cutting-in   Kicking-in

 裏捕  裏返   Ura Dori   Ura Gaeshi    Rear capture  Inner counter

 返返  柔返   Hen Gaeshi     Yawara Gaeshi     Repeatedly  Yielding counter  

 組落   Kumi Otoshi     Grappling drop


込入 (両手で胸襟を掴み押すのを制す形)

Komi’iri    Advancing  (Form which Controls by Holding and Pushing the Bosom with Both Hands)


 擔投  返投    Katsugi Nage    Hen Nage    Carrying throw  Throwing back

 裏投  巻返    Ura Nage   Maki Gaeshi    Rear throw  Winding counter

 柔投  突込     Yawara Nage     Tsukkomi    Yielding throw  Thrusting-in

 摩込  掻込     Surikomi  Kaikomi    Grinding-in  Raking-in

 左右捻付    十文字     Sayu-Nejitsuke    Jumonji    Left-right pinching-out  Cross shaped 

 組落  眼潰    Kumi Otoshi    Gan Tsubushi    Grappling drop   Sight destroyer

 裏返  投込    Ura Gaeshi   Nagekomi    Rear counter  Throwing-in(to)

 切落  蹴投    Kiri Otoshi    Keri Nage   Lopping off drop  Kicking-out

 当投  投落    Atari Nage    Nage Otoshi    Strike down  Throwing down

 当捕  裏捕    Atari Dori    Ura Dori     Striking a blow Rear capture

 投手  片手投    Nagete    Katate Nage     Throwing hand  Single hand throw

 下り捕  違捕    Sagari Dori   Chigai Dori    Falling capture  Changing capture

 頭捕  丸身    Kashira Dori    Maromi     Head capture    Round body (i.e.; Unarmed)   

 平打  平押    Hira Uchi   Hira Osae     Flat strike flat   Immobilization

 柔打  当捕    Yawara uchi    Atari Dori    Yielding strike  Striking a blow

 肱捕       Hiji Dori    Seri Otoshi    Elbow capture  Dropping

 脛巻  当投    Sunemaki    Ate Nage  Leg winder Strike down

 当投  当投    Atari Nage    Atari Nage      Strike down     Strike down

 当投   Atari Nage     Strike down


打込 (懐剣で上段より打ち込むのを制す形)

Uchikomi    Striking-in 

(The Form which Controls by Kaiken dagger Thrusting-in against the Upper Level)


 負投  裏投     Oi Nage   Ura Nage     Hoisting Throw   Rear Throw

 返投  捻付   Kaeshi Nage   Jōtsuke(?) / Hineritsuke(?)    Throwing Back   Pinching Out 

 返捕  腰投    Kaeshi Dori   Koshi Nage    Counter Capture   Hip Throw 

 呼吸投  当投    Kokyū Nage   Ate Nage     Breath/Trick Throw   Strike Down

 巻返  肱返    Maki Gaeshi   Hiji Gaeshi    Winding Counter Elbow Counter

 裏返  捕込    Ura Gaeshi   Dorikomi    Rear Counter  Catching

 膝捕  掻込   Hiza Dori  Kakikomi   Knee Capture  Raking-in

 柔攻  襟捕    Yawara(ka(i)kō  Eri Dori    Easy Work  Collar Capture

 抗止  絞り   Kō Dome   Shimeri    Rival stopper

 足裏  懐剣捕   Ashi Ura   Kaiken Dori    Sole-of-Foot  Dagger Capture

 地捕  当投   Chidori   Ate Nage   Taking Ground  Strike Down

 当投  当打   Ate Nage   Ate Uchi    Strike Down  Striking


 両懐剣 (両手の懐剣で打ち込むのを制す形)

Ryo Kaiken   Both Daggers

(The Form which Controls by Striking-in Both Hands on the Kaiken Dagger


 柔落  頭捕    Yawa(ra) Otoshi    Tōdori     Yielding Drop  Head Capture 

 負投  突込    Oi Nage    Tsukikomi     Hoisting Throw  Striking-in


互棒 (懐剣で打ち込むのを短棒で制す形) 短棒は一尺六寸位

Gōbō    Staff Meeting  

(Form which Controls by Striking-in Kaiken Dagger against a Tanbō short stick ) 

As for Tanbō  short stick, at least one Shaku 6 Sun (i.e.; One foot, 6 inches.)


 甲捕   拂捕   Kō Dori   Harai Dori     Armor Capture   Sweep Away Capture

上段捕  潜捕   Jōdan Dori   Moguri Dori     Upper Level Capture   Immersion Capture 

 蹴込  睾被    Kerikomi   Kōhi/Kōkaburi     Kicking-in   Putting it into the Testicles

 突込   Tsukikomi    Thrusting-in


四留 (両手で両手首を握り押すのを制す形)

Shi Dome    Four Stoppers

(The Form which Controls by Grasping and Pushing Both Wrists with Both Hands.)


 開捕  返投    Hira(ki?) Dori   Kaeshi Nage     Opening Capture   Throwing Back

 小車  前車     Kosha   Zensha     Small Wheel   Front Wheel    (¡Automobile Terms!)

 絞捕  蹴投     Shime Dori    Keri Nage    Strangling Capture  Kicking Out

 二人捕  返り投    Ninnin Dori   Kaeri Nage     Two Man Capture  Throwing Back

 巻捕  巻返    Maki Dori   Maki Gaeshi      Winding Capture Winding Counter

 蹴込  伏せ捕    Kerikomi   Fuse Dori     Kicking-in  Laying-out-flat Capture

 三人捕  四人捕    Sannin Dori   Yonnin Dori    Three Man Capture Four Man Capture


拳匪 (両手で合掌する手首を掴むのを制す形)

 Kenhi/Kobushi Katami     Bandit Fist/Negation Fist

(Form which Controls by Holding the Wrists, Palms Together with Both Hands)

[refers to the common way a bandit or ruffian restrains the victim palms together]


 巻返  十文字    Maki Gaeshi    Jumonji     Winding Counter  Cross Form

 返投  返捕    Kaeshi Nage    Kaeshi Dori    Throwing Back Counter Capture

 柔捕  蹴投   Yawa(ra) Dori    Keri Nage     Yielding Capture  Kicking Out

 当返    Ate Gaeshi   Counterattack


枠型 (両手で右手を掴み引くのを制す形)

Wakugata     Framework Patterns

(Form which Controls by Holding and Pulling the Right Hand with Both Hands)


 蹴込  裏返     Kerikomi    Ura Gaeshi     Kicking-in  Rear Counter

 負投  潜投    Oi Nage   Moguri Nage    Hoisting Throw  Immersion Throw

 蹴投  巻返    Keri Nage   Maki Gaeshi     Kicking Out  Winding Counter

 絞捕  足裏    Shime Dori   Ashi Ura     Strangling Capture  Sole-of-the-Foot

 腰投    Koshi Nage    Hip Throw


引違 (四つに組み押してくるのを制す形)

Hiki Chigae    Pulling Out    (Form which Controls by Grappling and Pushing)


 小車  前車    Kosha   Zensha      Small Wheel   Front Wheel    (¡Automobile Terms!)

 帯捕  捻付    Obi Dori   Hineritsuke     Belt Capture  Pinching Out 

 前車    Zensha    Front Wheel


袖捕 (両手で両袖を掴むのを制す形)

Sode Dori      Sleeve Capturing

(Form which Controls by Holding Both Sleeves with Both Hands)


 眼潰  誘捕   Gan Tsubushi   Ijinai Dori     Sight Destroyer   Inviting Capture


二重突 (両手で前帯を掴み押すのを制す形)

Nijū Tsuki    Double Thrust

(Form which Controls by Holding and Pushing the Front Belt with Both Hands)


 裏返  裏投    Ura Gaeshi   Ura Nage   Rear Counter Rear Throw

 両閂  掻込    Ryo Kanmeki   Kakikomi   Both Bolts  Raking-in (Carrying under the arm

 柔落  切落    Yawa(ra) Otoshi   Kiri Otoshi   Yielding Drop  Lopping Off

 切込  摩込    Kirikomi  Surikomi    Kicking-in Grinding-in 

 頭投  後抱    Tō Nage   Ushiro Kakae   Head Throw  Rear Hug

 返捕  当捕    Kaeshi Dori   Ate Dori    Counter Capture  Strike Capture

 返返  裏捕    Kaesukaesu   Ura Dori    Repeatedly  Rear Capture


一重突 (右手で前帯を掴み押すのを制す形)

Hitoe Tsuki    Single Thrust

(Form which Controls by Holding and Pushing the Front Belt with the Right Hand)


 擔投  巻返    (?)Katsugi/Ninai(?) Nage   Maki Gaeshi     Carrying throw  Winding counter    

 片閂  柔返     Kata Kanmeki   Yawara Gaeshi    Single bolt  Yielding counter

 裏捻  切込     Ura Nejiru/Hineri   Kirikomi   Inner wringing  Cutting-in

 捻付  眼潰    Hineritsuke   Gan Tsubushi     Pinching-out   Sight destroyer

 返投  裏投     Kaeshi Nage   Ura Nage    Throwing back  Rear throw


片胸側 (右手で胸襟を掴み押すのを制す形)

Kata Muna Gawa    Side of a Single Breast

(Form which Controls by Holding and Pushing the Bosom with the Right Hand)


 負投  返返    Oi Nage  Kaesukaesu    Hoisting Throw  Repeatedly

 絞返  柔投    Shime Gaeshi   Yawa(ra) Nage    Strangling Counter  Yielding Throw

 蹴込  上段捕    Kerikomi   Jōdan Dori    Kicking-in  Upper Level Capture

 中段捕  下段捕    Chudan Dori   Gedan Dori     Mid Level Capture  Low Level Capture

 眼捕  膽潰    Manako Dori/Gan Dori   Kimo Tsubushi    Sight Capture Bladder/Courage Destroyer

 呼吸投    Kokyu Nage    Breath/Trick Throw


壁沿 (胸襟を掴み壁に押すのを制す形)

Heki’en/Hekizoi/Kabezoi  “Along the Wall”

(Form which Controls by Holding the Bosom and Pushing against a Wall)

[i.e.; ‘Back to the Wall’]


    裏返   Semaikomi(?)   Ura Gaeshi     Forcing-in  Rear Counter

 返返  捻付    Kaesukaesu   Hineritsuke    Repeatedly  Pinching Out

 蹴込  引込    Kerikomi   Hikikomi    Kicking-in  Drawing-in

 当返  髻捕    Ate Gaeshi    Motodori/Ta(ki)fusa/Mizura Dori    Counterattack  Hair Knot Capture  

 巻返  膽潰    Maki Gaeshi  Kimo Tsubushi   Winding Counter  Bladder/Courage Destroyer

 〆込  足裏    Shimekomi  Ashi Ura    Constricting   Sole-of-Foot


睾被 (馬乗りになるのを制す形)

Kōhi/Kōkaburi   Putting it into the Testicles

(Form which Controls by Becoming a [Horseback] Rider)

[i.e.; Using his testicles as if the Reigns of a Horse]


 返捕  乗攻    Kaeshi Dori    Jūkō     Counter Capture  Severe Attack

 巻返  蹴込    Maki Gaeshi    Kerikomi    Winding Counter   Kicking-in

 足裏  返返    Ashi Ura    Kaesukaesu     Sole-of-the-Foot   Repeatedly

 籠打  〆込    Kago Uchi    Shimekomi     Basket Strike   Constricting-in

 血ノ珠  裏返     Ketsu No Tama    Ura Gaeshi     Testicle Blood    Rear Counter

 頷打  返投    Unazuku/Ago Uchi     Kaeshi Nage     Nodding Strike   Throwing Back


上抱 (後方より抱きつくのを制す形)

Johō/Jo Kakae    Upper Embrace

(Form which Controls by Clinging from the Back)


擔投  羽合攻  (?)Katsugi/Ninai(?) Nage   Ugōkō     Carrying Throw  Wing-Meeting Attack

頭投  柔投    Tō Nage   Yawara Nage     Head Throw   Yielding Throw

籠打  下段捕    Kago Uchi   Gedan Dori    Basket Strike   Lower Level Capture

前抱  後抱    Mae Kakae   Ushiro Kakae    Front Hug   Rear Hug

当抱  下抱    Ate Kakae   Shimo Kakae    Striking Hug   Lower Hug

当投  前三枚    Ate Nage   Mae Sammai    Striking Throw   Front Fillet

下段落  中段捕    Gedan Otoshi   Chudan Otoshi    Lower Level Drop   Middle Level Drop


裏襟 (後方より裏襟を引くのを制す形)

Ura’eri   Lining of the Neckband

(Form which Controls by Pulling at the Back of the Collar from Behind)


 裏返  返返    Ura Gaeshi   Kaesukaesu    Inner Counter   Repeatedly

 巻返  柔返    Maki Gaeshi   Yawara Gaeshi   Winding Counter   Yeilding Counter

 当返  呼吸投    Ate Gaeshi    Kokyū Nage    Counterattack    Breath Throw

 切落    Kiri Otoshi   Lopping Off


御膳捕 (並座して右手で左膝を押さえるのを制す形)

Ozen Dori     Capturing at a Prepared Table

(Form which Controls by Sitting-in-rows and Pressing Down the Left Knee with the Right Hand)


   浪人捕   Tankō    Rōnin Dori    Carrying Attack   'Masterless Samurai' Capture

 捻込  裏返   (?)Nejirikomi/ Hinerikomi(?)   Ura Gaeshi    Wringing-in    Rear Counter

 宙捕  返返    Chō dori/ Yu dori    Kaesukaesu    Mid Air Capture   Repeatedly

 捻付  空海攻   (?)Jōtsuke/ Hineritsuke(?)   Kūkaikō    Pinching-in    Sea and Sky Attack

 柔捕  引込    Yawara Dori   Hikikomi     Yielding Capture   Drawing-in



(Form which Controls by Striking with Kaiken Dagger While Sitting Face to Face)


掻込  眼潰   Kakikomi   Gan Tsubushi    Raking-in   Sight Destroyer

虎押  鶴之巣籠   Kojin   Sugomori No Zduro    Tiger-God   Crane's Nest

絞り  抗止   Shimeri   Kōshi   Pressing   Rival Stopper

負投  裏投   Seoi Nage   Ura Nage   Hoisting Throw   Rear Throw

懐剣捕  巻返   Kaiken Dori   Maki Gaeshi    Dagger Capture   Winding Counter

返投   Kaeshi Nage   Counter Throw


鯉口 (行き違いの際、抜きつけようとするのを制す形)

Koiguchi   Mouth of Sword’s Scabbard  [lit; “Carp’s Mouth”]

(Form which Controls by Extracting in the ‘Iki-Chigae’, Case of Crossing-without-meeting)


[ NOTE:  ‘Iki-chigae’ as indicated by above trans, however, has several meanings -- to cross saya (scabbards) in public (a social offense among the samuraii)
-- for one to attempt the sword sheathed in the belt of another (while passing along beside) -- social misunderstanding; estrangement or disagreement in public
or while passing by one another in public.


 押付  込   Osaetsuke   (¿Osae-?) komi    Pressing Down  Immobilizing

 肩打  引込    Kata Uchi   Hikikomi    Shoulder Strike   Drawing-in

 鍔押  小尻返    Tsuba Osae   Koshiri Gaeshi   Swordguard Press  Buttocks Counter

 血之珠  乳裏    Chi No Dama   Chichi No Ura    Blood Jewel   Inside The Breast

 眼捕  返返   Me Dori   Kaesukaesu    Eyeball Capture   Repeatedly


居合 (上段より刀で斬り込むのを制す形)

Iai    Fast Drawn Sword

(Form which Controls by Cutting Deeply with a Sword from the Upper Level)


 負投  裏投    Seoi Nage   Ura Nage    Hoisting Throw   Rear Throw

 刀腕  返投    Tō'ude/ Katana Ude    Kaeshi Nage   Sword Arm   Counter Throw

 柔投  巻返    Yawara Nage   Maki Gaeshi   Yielding Throw  Winding Counter

 突込  追掛切    Tsukikomi   Oikake Kiri   Thrusting-in   Pursuing Cut

 胸ノ刀  籠潰    Mune No Katana   Kago Tsubushi    Breast Of The Sword    Basket Crusher

 眼捕  当捕    Me Dori   Ate Dori    Eyeball Capture   Striking a Blow

 当投  闇ノ刀    Ate Nage  Yami No Katana   Striking Throw   Sword shadow

 胴切  足裏    Dō Giri   Ashi Ura    Trunk Cutter   Sole-of-the-Foot



Gen’nyū    Entering the Vital Organ(s)

 (Rope used to Cover against a Criminal.)


 捻付  四ツノ袖   Jōtsuke(?) / Hineritsuke(?)   Yotsu No Sode   Pinching Out   Four Sleeves

 小袖  突留   Kosode  Tsuki Dome   Short Sleeved   Thrust Stopper

 中指縄  中縄   Nakayubi Nawa   Chūnawa    Middle Finger Rope   Middle Rope

 前留腰縄  腰縄   Maeryū Yōjō/ Koshinawa   Koshi Nawa   Front Stopping Hip Rope   Hip Rope

 早縄  四縄    Hayanawa   Yotsu Nawa    Quick Rope   Four Ropes

 十文字  二重十文字   Jumonji Nijū/ Futae   Jumonji    Cross Shaped    Double Cross Shaped

 三寸縄  身胴縄    Samsun Nawa   Midō/ Shindō Nawa    Three Inch Rope   Body's Trunk Rope

 捕伏縄  乳隠シ縄   (?)Hofuku/ Toribuse Nawa(?)   Chigakushi Nawa   Capturing Rope   Breast Hiding Rope

 袈裟縄  国渡縄    Kesa Nawa    Kokuto Nawa    Monk's Stole Rope    Cross Country Rope

 駕籠縄      Kago Nawa   Hire Nawa    Palanquin Rope    Fin Rope

 斬縄  番外縄三筋   Kiri Nawa    Bangai Nawa Sankin    Beheading Rope    Extra 3 Sinews Rope



Sanshakubō   Three Foot Staff

(Form which Controls by Striking withe a 3 Foot Staff)   (Form which Controls by 3 Foot Staff  that strikes against a Kaiken Dagger.)


 負投  裏投    Seoi Nage  Ura Nage    Hoisting throw   Rear throw

 巻返  返投    Maki Gaeshi   Kaeshi Nage    Winding counter   Counter throw

 巻捕  当り投    Maki Dori   Atari Nage    Winding capture   Attacking throw

 柔投  掻込    Yawara Nage   Kakikomi    Yielding throw   Raking-in

 当捕  眼潰    Ate Dori   Gan Tsubushi    Striking a Blow   Eye destroyer

 絞り捕  捻付    Shimeri Dori   Hineritsuke    Strangling Capture   Pinching-Out





懐剣捕  当り返   Kaiken Dori   Atari Gaeshi    Dagger Capture   Attacking Counter

上段捕  中段捕    Jōdan Dori   Chūdan Dori    Upper Level Capture   Middle Level Capture

下段捕    Gedan Dori    Lower Level Capture


  (打込終わり)(Uchikomi Owari)

       (Ending by Striking)


 小車  引込    Kosha   Hikikomi    Small wheel   Drawing-in

 芸州  無壯    Geishu(?)   Mu-Takeshi   Provincial artifice   Without the big-wig

 〆込襷  上段〆    Shimekomi Tasuki   Jōdan Jime   Sleeve cord constriction   Upper level strangle

 虎〆  下段〆    Kojime   Gedan Jime   Tiger strangle   Lower level strangle


三尺棒御膳捕 (対座して懐剣で打ち込むのを三尺棒で制す形)

Sanshakubō Ozen Dori   Capturing at a Prepared Table

(Form which Controls by Striking with a Three Foot Staff against a Kaiken Dagger while Sitting Face to Face.)


 脛巻  当り返    Sune Maki   Atari Gaeshi    Leg Winder   Attacking Counter


六尺棒 (六尺棒対六尺棒の基本の形)

Rokushakubō    Six Foot Staff

(Form of the Kihon Basics of 6 Foot Staff Paired Against 6 Foot Staff.)


 一本  はつの    Ippon   Hatsuno    First Item (?) First (?)

 二本  せぐち    Nippon   Seguchi    Second Item (?) ? (?)

 三本  すんげ    Sanbon   Sunge    Third Item (?) Bottom inch (?)

 四本  いせん    Yonhon   Isen    Fourth Item (?)   Parallel (?)

 五本  ゆうか    Gohon   Yūka    Fifth Item (?)   Valuables (?)

 六本  やみ     Roppon   Yame    Sixth Item (?)   Darkness (?)

 七本  かすみ   Nanahon   Kasumi    Seventh Item (?)   Mist (?)

 八本  はつか    Happon   Hatsuka    Eigth Item (?)   Twenty days (?)


六尺棒裏棒 (六尺棒対六尺棒の応用の形)

Rokushakubō  Urabō    6 Foot Staff  Inner Staff

(Form of Application of 6 Foot Staff Paired Against 6 Foot Staff.)


がんつぶし   Gan Tsubushi    Sight destroyer

じょうとんぶ   Jōtonbu   (??)

ちのたま    Chi no Tama    Blood Jewel

きもつぶし   Kimo Tsubushi    Liver Destroyer

下段    Gedan    Lower Level

血の珠    Chi No Tama    Blood Jewel

すぎた   Sugita      (?)Passing Beyond (?)

わぎた   Wakita      (? Divided ?)

六尺棒引尻棒   Rokushakubō Hikishiri-Bō    6 Foot Staff 'Buttocks' Drawing Staff

脛巻   Sune Maki    Leg Winder

六尺棒刎棒   Rokushakubō Kubihane-Bō    6 Foot Staff Decapitating Staff


刀と棒 (刀で斬りかかるのを六尺棒で制す形)

Katana To Bō    Sword and Stick  

(Form which Controls by 6 Foot Staff against a Sword Cutting-down .)


 脛巻  柔落   Sune Maki   Yawara Otoshi    Leg winder   Yeilding drop

 肝潰  当捕    Kimo Kudaki   Ate Dori    Liver destroyer   Striking a Blow

 下段捕  中段捕   Gedan Dori   Chūdan Dori    Lower Level Capture   Middle Level Capture

 蹴込  刀腕    Kerikomi   Katana Ude    Kicking-in   Sword Arm

 小手落  下三寸    Kote Otoshi   Shimo Samsun    Wrist Drop   Lower 3 Inches

 上三寸  突込    Kami Samsun   Tsukikomi    Upper 3 Inches   Striking-in

 柔捕  蹴込    Yawara Dori   Kerikomi    Yielding Capture   Kicking-in


小棒 (懐剣・刀で斬りかかるを小棒で制す形) ※小棒は指先から腕曲までの長さ

Shōbō    Small Staff

(Form which Controls by a Shōbō Small Staff against a Kaiken Dagger or Sword Cutting-down.)

A Shōbō Small stick is the length from a fingertip to the Elbow joint.


 当り捕  当り捕   Atari Dori   Atari Dori    Attacking Capture   Attacking Capture

 当り打  足裏    Atari Uchi   Ashi Ura    Attacking Strike   Sole Of The Foot

 頷潰  前の三枚    Gan Tsubushi   Mae No Sammai   Nod-Of-Approval-Destroyer   Front Fillet

 乳裏  小手落    Chichi Ura   Kote Otoshi    Inside The Breast   Wrist Drop

 上段捕  中段捕    Jōdan Dori   Chūdan Dori    Upper Level Capture   Middle Level Capture

 柔落  脇の三枚    Yawara Otoshi   Waki No Sammai    Yielding Drop   Side Fillet

 柔打  上段止メ    Yawara Uchi   Jōdan Do(-me)jime    Yielding Strike   Upper Level Strangle Stopper


十手 (刀で斬りかかるのを十手で制す形)

Jutte    ‘Ten Hands’ Truncheon

(Form which Controls a Sword Cutting-down with the ‘Ten Hands’ Truncheon)


 柔打  巻返    Yawara Uchi   Maki Gaeshi    Yielding Strike   Winding Counter

 当り捕    Atari Dori    Attacking Capture


分童 (刀で斬りくるのを分童鎖で制す形)

Fundō   Sectioned Link  

(Form which Controls a Sword Cutting-down with a Fundō Kusari Small Linked Chain.)

[NOTE:  This is a Ryuha specific term for Fundō, which is usually written “ 分銅and means “counterweight(-ed)” (lit; “Copper sectioned”, hence a copper
counterweight was originally referred to.) This form (ryuha specific) means more like “segmented link”.


 乳裏  下段    Chichi Ura   Gedan    Inside The Breast   Lower Level

 籠手落    Kote Otoshi    Gauntlet Drop


鎖鎌 (刀で斬りかかるのを鎖鎌で制す形)

Kusarigama    Chained Sickle

(Form which Controls a Sword Cutting-down with a Chained Sickle)


 足裏  頭捕   Ashi Ura   Tō Dori    Sole-Of-The-Foot   Head Capture

 乳裏  片手絞    Chichi Ura   Katate Jime    Inside The Breast   Single Hand Strangle

 両手絞  太刀落    Ryōte Jime   Daitō Otoshi    Double Handed Strangle   Long-Sword Drop

 小手落  胴打   Kote Otoshi   Dō Uchi    Wrist Drop   Trunk Strike

 締落   Shime Otoshi    Tying Drop

 上段両手絞   Jōdan Ryōte Jime    Upper Level Tying With Both Hands


居合 (抜刀術)

Iai    Fast Drawn Sword

(Art of Drawing a Sword / Art of the Drawn Sword.)


   後  Zen   Kō    Front   Back

       Sa   Yū    Right   Left

 前後  左右    Zenko   Sayū    Front and Back   Right and Left

 抜打  押抜     Meki(?) Uchi   Osaemeki(?)    Drawing Strike   Arresting Draw

 突留  胸ノ刀    Tsuki Dome   Mune No Katana     Thrust Stopper   Sword Breast

 追掛斬  飛去    Oikake Giri   Hihō    Pursuing Cut   Leaping Method

 後口斬  誘引斬     Atokuchi Giri   Yūin Giri     Aftertaste Cut   Enticement Cut

 引取  逆澤瀉    Hikitori   (?)[ pronunciation ](?)    Departing   Reverse Swamp Exit

 闇ノ刀  水月    Yame No Tō   Suigetsu    Sword Shadow   Moon On The Water


鍛錬法  Tanren No Hō   Training Methods

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