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 目録之表外 Mokuroku No Hyogai

Listed Outside the Curriculum



Huzokuhin (auxiliary objects)and Huzokufutsu (auxiliary subjects) exist which are not usually listed in the mokuroku but are integral to Shinden-yoshin-ryu.



柔半剱 Juhanken

重犯剱 Juhanken “Sword of Offense”

十判剱 Juhanken “Sword of 10 Judgements”


手解 Te Hodoki Personal Instruction

片手解 Katate Hodoki Light Matters

両手解 Ryote Hodoki Weighty Matters


短刀ヲ辨 Tanto Wo Wakimae

Distinguishing the Tanto Knife


巻藁土段   Makiwara Tsuchidan  

Makiwara Post Usage


戸田竜両分銅鎖 Toda Ryu Ryofundo Kusari

Toda Dragon Double Counterweighted Chain


遠当ノ法  Toate No Ho   

Methods of Striking from a Distance  


年中風雨考  Nenju Fu-u Kangae  

Consideration of Meteorology


不成就日  Fuseiju Hi  

Unrealized Days


修業之心得   Shugyo No Kokoroe   

Knowledge of Ascetic Practise


武術必勝ノ論   Bujutsu Hissho No Ron

Discerning the Theory of Martial Arts Certain Victory


體意論  Tai-i No Ron    Theory of Body Feeling


気心論  Kigokoro No Ron  Theory of Dispositions


陰陽強弱之論 Inyo Kyojyaku No Ron Theory of the Strength of Cosmic Dual Forces


一心ノ心法ノ論   Isshin No Shinpo No Ron

Theory of the Core Method of Single Mindedness


水泳最初ノ心得   Suiei Saisho No Kokoroe

Knowledge of Elementary Swimming

速泳ノ事   Sokuei No Koto  Matter of Swimming Gear

亦水ニ入ルキノ心得  Matamizu Yoniruki No Kokoroe    Knowledge of Entering Water

水踏ノ事   Mizufumi No Koto    Matter of Treading in Water

水泳ニ数種アル事  Suiei Yonshosha Aru Koto   Matter of Several Varieties of Swimming

海上泳ノ事    Kaijoei No Koto    Matter of Swimming in the Sea

高波及渦游ノ心得  Takanami Uzu'oyogi No Kokoroe   Knowledge of Swimming in High Waves

川瀬游亦徒渉ノ心得 Kawase Ryueki Tosho No Kokoroe Knowledge of Swimming and Wading Across River Rapids




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