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This is a translation of an all Japanese language document found on the website,

I liked its contents so much that I posted this amateur translation on my website for all to enjoy.

It was posted by the Japanese in reference to the war in Iraq, but it has a most wonderful sense of

Traditional Japanese Budo that we Westerners rarely get to enjoy. Check it out!!


BTW, this is an amatuer translation only, some few mistakes are possible

I’m pretty good but just so ya know!!  JTWeymo 7/08


『 本朝武道論 』 抄録

Honjo Budo No Ron Shōroku

Our Country’s Budo Theories Selections



本書は『修禊要録』の講義録の内、日本武道に関するものをまとめたもので、武道を修める人は勿論、武道に直接縁のない方も是非読んで戴きたいと思います。 何故なら、武道と云うのは神道に全く関係ないかと云うとそうではなく、日本神道の一つの表現、一つの流れとして存在して居ると思われるからなのです。 ですから勿論、神道を修めんとする人は、日本武道とはどう云うものであるかと云うことを、細かい業に関してではなく、その本質である〈神武〉の精神についてだけは把握しておいて戴きたいのです。そして、日本武道と云うものは、決して野蛮なものではなく、日本精神を顕現するするすばらしいものだと云うことを理解して欲しいと思います。何故なら、これこそ日本が世界に誇れる霊的文化遺産であり、永遠に継承して行かなければならないものだと思うからです。本書によって、一人でも多くの方が正しい武道の在り方を理解し、その真髄に本格的に参入する機縁となれば、これに勝るものはありません。


Today, as of March 18, Heisei 15 [2003-04?] Tuesday) 10:00 a.m. JST, United States President George Bush ultimatum to Iraq emitted [?] just feel great about it [?], is the spirit of martial arts in Japan, "Bu -- Martial" and was involved in all things. Required items one should know who believes in this resorting to (arms, violence), here is a selection open to the public


This is the transcript of a lecture,Shūkei Yōroku"Essential Record of Shinto Purification Practices" in the Japanese martial arts summarizing what a virtuous life is a martial arts course, also reading and considering the pros and cons, the martial arts not being directly related [?to the subject? I dunno what?]. Because it is not called that [but yet] it exists as one expression of Japanese Shintoism, one school [of thought regards it] as to whether it is related to Shintoism to call it martial arts at all. So of course, the fact is that what I say to the industry about the details, is that for a person to study Shinto and the Japanese martial arts is to grasp the essence of the spirit of <神武 JINMU [the Legendary Founding Emporer of Japan]> that you may be crowned thereby. And what is called Japanese martial arts is by no means barbarous, and I regard that it is referred to as the Japanese spirit manifesting itself being a wonderful thing that I want you to understand. Because this is just a spiritual cultural heritage which Japan can be proud of in the world, and I cannot help but think that it is must continue in succession forever. With this book, many people can have the correct understanding of Budo, and if one has the chance to enter into the essence completely, there is nothing which excels it

(?) Ishida Moriyama (?)

祓へやる やまとみかどの 剣太刀(つるぎたち) 禍なかれとぞ いつも挂(かか)れる。 人の世に 禍なかれとぞ わが岐美(きみ)は つねにもがにも 祓へますなる。

The Sword (Tsurugitachi) of the Gate of Ancient Japan purifies, always suspending and never doing evil. Giving purification, in this world one must not do evil but always [maintain] as ours a Beautiful arena.


1. the Japanese martial art is what JINMU [the Legendary Founding Emporer of Japan] embodied. JINMU, makes not killing a preference, and beyond this then, all safe havens of evil are punished, their ranks thrown into disorder. Because of this, admonsihment is by chastisement. Essentially, at the timePLACEis something that was by standing of rank, to try returning to it was the objective. The true aim was by means of Katsujinken [the Sword which Preserves Life.]


2. Really the only way to be strong is by pride and in order to satisfy desire itself, in short one must engage in self-magnificationby means of practicing self protection, this is called “Bad Budo/Martial Evil”, and it was called Satsujinken [the Sword which Takes Life].

三、武とは、巷間云われるが如くの「止戈」の義ではなく、「二・止・斧(ここに斧の形の神象が入りますが、字がありませんので仮に斧としてあります) ・ヽ」の合義であり、「二」と云う対立観より起る魔想妄念の火「止」を斧「斧の神象」によって裁断し、個我を滅却し「ヽ」、一切の対立観より脱却して大宇宙意識と繋がることを示す。

3. What is called Martial Arts on the streets is NOT the same as the technique/justice of “stopping a halberd”, Two,STOP・ ‘axe’ (here [the word] axe is in the shape of the Elephant God, to be acknowledged as if ‘axe’ were not written.)・ヽ」this is fitting justice. TwoAnd it is said that, from the perspective of the confrontation, the fire of the demon of flawed thinking awakens. STOPAxe, by means of the judgment of the “Axe of the Elephant God” individual destruction comes.「ヽ」, Indicating that from the the perspective of any confrontation there is direct connection to universal consciousness [i.e.; direct connection to everything else in life].

Textual note: “...Axe, by means of the judgment of the “Axe of the Elephant God” individual destruction comes....this is the same thing in Japanese as saying: “what goes down is what goes down, it's the will of God...”


4. Hence "Bu -- Martial Force/Valor" is the divinity to be endowed with. Divinity is not just having Martial prowess, which is only minor righteousness, ‘Bu -- Martial Force/Valor’, in and of itself is not. ‘Bu -- Martial Force/Valor’ is a kamiwaza [divine activity or ritual], it is the purification of body and soul, it is made an embodiment of Shinto itself.


5, Bujutsu [i.e.; ‘Science of Arms’] in the present day are not conducted,since most are Muromachi and Kamakura period and thereafter awakened Budo [Martial arts], the feudal Shogunateand its various Feudal lords used it for self-defenseit having a means of providing the advantage of self magnificationthat is to say that their development was approached thus. In other words, it is to say that the traditions of private armies such as are typical of [ancient] Battlefield fighting arts had come and then been handed down. Is this really the extent of it? No, not quite.


6. ‘Bu -- Martial Force/Valor’ in and of itself is something that the Great Heaven Emporer [?Jinmu?] presented and united into one. The Great Heaven Emperor* is as a center of the Earth's existence, being proficient in both the two virtues [these being] Literary and Military arts and is certainly turned into a place of honorific title from being versed [in the literary and military arts.]// NECESSARY ALT TRANS: “The Great Heaven Emperor is as a center of the Earth's existence, being proficient in both the two virtues [these being] Literary and Military arts which are combine by virtue in Takezi Aya fromTake Makoto Aya Makotoboth by the honorific title(s).” // The Budo martial arts of Japan are obeying meekly the Great Heaven Emperor's divine business(es).


7. This Great Heaven Emperor united into one and presented the true Budo martial arts, which he named:Tenshin Shōden"True Heaven Correct Tradition",Tenshinden"True Heaven Tradition" andTenshin Heihō" True Heaven Art of War" and are known as the backbone of the Japanese martial art.


8. So thisTenshin Shōden"True Heaven Correct Tradition",Tenshinden"True Heaven Tradition " andTenshin Heihō"True Heaven Art of War" is something. It -- Bu -- by means of [acting as if] refining metals [in society and life] is connected to the state of all things in the world, and a certain supernatural power becomes demonstrated in one’s (lot in) life. If a stand is taken against a person who has this supernatural power, [one’s] whole body will become shrouded in a sort of energy and adjoining sensation, which is even able to stir about, moreover, [one’s own] fighting spirit will also disappear fully. As for this [it] is the view of indiscrimination based on all impartiality a commonly encountered sense which occurs when people were thus confronted, however this is not just confined to one martial art, it is something felt quite universally, consisting of similar situations in which energy emanated from the such person's presence.


9. TheseTenshin Shōden」”True Heaven Correct Traditions” Tenshinden"True Heaven Tradition"Tenshin Heihō"True Heaven Art of War" when governing the Warrior Classes [it is] calledAmatsu Tatara (No) Bumon」“Warrior Classes of the Imperial Bellows”. Amatsu Tatara (No) Bumon」“Warrior Classes of the Imperial Bellows” is a metaphysical furnace of operations, in other words it’s called an elixir of lifemental training [or “self-discipline”] (Ki energy, Shinto purification rites) for spatial operations, which is itself the origin of ‘Bu -- Martial Force/Valor’.


10. At the beginning of the Warrior Classes were Ōtomo of Kumebe and Nigihayahi of Mononobe. Ōtomo of Kumebe bearing a walking stick, Nigihayahi of Mononobe attending the sword, body guards at the Imperial Palace. From this has occurred the arisal of the Warrior Classes. That is to say that JINMU showed preference for conducting “the Martial path (purification of body and soul)” and this is the idea upon which it’s grounded, the benefit of the manifestation of the Great cause [or “moral law”] of ‘Bu -- Martial Force/Valor’ is the accomplishment.


11. In order to acquire the benefit of the manifestation of the Great cause [or “moral law”] of ‘Bu -- Martial Force/Valor’ one must exert to the utmost prepared even to die if necessary, thus irresistibly transcending life and death. Transcending life and death thereupon, abandoning one's life is to live in a mainstream fashion. One becomes invincible when living in a mainstream fashion.


12. Invincibility as defined, is the top strength in this world but it’s said not to be the meaning of it, all notions of confrontation are wiped away, and based on the indiscriminate equal view of all it is said to be a matter of one’s lot or circumstances in life. [ !! NECC ALT TRANS: “Invincibility to be defined, ruling power is the top strength in this world but it’s said not to be the meaning of it, all notions of opposition thereto wiped away, based on the indiscriminate equal view of all [being subjected thereto] is said to be a matter of one’s lot in life.the remark has dual meaning, the first and this second translation ]


13. It is also a universe of super senses by which to live. Practice of Budō is a universe of super senses which makes it easiest to begin [living by]. When as the world of super senses, ‘Bu -- Martial Force/Valor’ serves as a divine work [a ‘kamiwaza’ divine technique].


14. Therefore, the person who studied genuine martial art does not suffer a side by side unfortunate* death. It is because, the conduct of divine work is a matter of exerting oneself to the utmost, releasing therefrom a surging spiral wave. A spiral wave motion which one can also call a harmonic wave motion, repairing firmly the wave motion of the surroundings, essentially an exorcism curse upon all the Haven of Evil it is

AssistanceDeliveranceLeadershipthe condition in and of itself is made to return, and [when] a person giving off the spiral wave motion [does so] against ‘side-by-side unfortunate death’ this is called an ‘acute angle alligning wave motion.’

Textual note: The term used is [ 横変死 Yoko Henshi ] and means literally a “side-by-side unfortunate death”, which is to say that it refers to bodies laying scattered on a battlefield or around the scene of an accident or natural disaster. Think THAT shit over !!


15. To boast of one’s physical strength [as an] advantage in the martial arts, in other words a person conducting Martial evil, this is [the act of] releasing against the surroundings [a different kind of] acute angle wave motion, that acute angle wave motion causes amplification of the Haven of Evil, troubling one's own surroundings [by such as] CalamityDisease・‘side-by-side unfortunate death’and is called ‘producing adversity’, that which has tied up the course of life itself and becomes a disadvantageous end.


16. As a man, however strong he may seem to others, such martial arts as this which ruin their life is called Martial evil. One reaches the point of the ground level of awareness, that for personal victory in this world the goal is the acquisition offame and fortunebut to try to take the martial arts as such, by no means ought one to do so (Martial profanity).

Note: This merely denotes that violence or mercenarism ought not to be the fashion in which one pursues his fame and fortune -- it does not prohibit or refer to public commercialization of, or propegation of, martial arts as a means of doing so.


17. Do not interact with such profane martial artist. Transcend such a profane martial arts community. For that sort of thing to be the vocation of one's life ( [these kanji are to be read also as] Amatsu Tsukasa*) is not respectable, not only this but also it amounts to being driven mad in life.

NOTE: 天職 Amatsu tsukasa “vocation; lifework” (Amatsu Tsukasa also can, when written with alternate kanji, mean “Imperial office” otherwise “Heavenly mound/hill/slope”) Term related to AMATSU TATARA, observe:

(Amatsu Tsukasa “Imperial office” otherwise “Heavenly mound; hill”)

Tsukasa = any of ,,or as “mound; hill” tsukasa = any of ; ; 高処 hence:

天津官 Amatsu Tsukasa “Imperial office”; 天津阜 Amatsu Tsukasa “Heavenly mound; hill” in which case it refers to the goodliness of one’s chosen vocation (inadvertently; as being by Imperial edict as part of the social order.) ‘Heavenly hill’ means one’s own (socially endorsed) place in the shade similar to the English expression “a man’s home is his castle…” HENCE the remark is also translated as: “For that sort of thing to be [the conduct of] one’s governmental office is not respectable…” and treats the subject as a matter of military office being misconducted.


18. True martial arts are an interwoven spiral helix. Invoking the spiral power into the surroundings by focused balance of self (mastery over one’s own body), the acute angle wave motion (the safe haven of evil) will be taken into the spiral, will be guided, will collapse itself, or possibly will align with the spiral wave motion and the contained hostility disappear. This is the true essence of Jinmu.


19. "Dancing" and the "song" which are performed by [Shinto] purification ceremony are [by comparison] the same. The line of flow in the dance, and the sound of the song are [representative of] the spiral wave motion, and [it is as if] thereby, the safe haven of evil (the acute angle wave motion) is firmly repaired.


20. It is practiced by means of the mysterious influence of the helix of the ‘Phoenix Boat Divine Works’ [some form of shinto ritual]. Furthermore, the works of the Honourable Haven of the Soul of Buddhist Scripture ([¿reference to Buddhist Studies?]) together with the “Thunder building honor” ( [¿Shinto concept?] ) make the realm of the Divine to be established, and the god-like persons are produced thereby.


21. Building thunder’s* observation of the power of language which by means of atmospheric electricity the ‘condensation’ having made (‘someone’) do the work(s) calling [through to them]. The works were called forth at the Honourable haven of the soul of Buddhist scriptures ** by means of Breath taking in the atmosphere in the midst of the atmosphere (the cosmos) and the electricity inside the body. And it is launched by means of catching and taking into the body the electricity which is made into light*** by spiral movement, furthermore also the kneading by fire [as to refine metals].


21. Building thunder’s* observation of the power of language which by means of atmospheric electricity the ‘condensation’ having made (‘someone’) do the work(s) calling [through to them]. The works were called forth at the Honourable haven of the soul of buddhist scriptures ** by means of Breath taking in the atmosphere in the midst of the sky (the cosmos) and the electricity inside the body. And it is launched by means of catching and taking into the body the electricity which is made into light*** by spiral movement, furthermore also the kneading by fire [as to refine metals].


22. It is conducted by means of the kneading by fire the light to launch the spiral motion. All the human body is spiral structure [ (DNA) ], and the operation is also spiral movement. That is, if people act intently, electricity will happen inside of the body, and this will have become the kneading by fire which launches the contrivance.


23. Who operating walks, this seemingly simple movements to see, from the point of the hand to the point of the foot, his head and throughout all the body’s joints each one of the joints alternately moving. The Feetthe Lower limbsthe Thighbonesthe Pelvisthe Spinal columnthe Scapular archesthe Upper armsthe Forearmsthe Handsthe Head, because of all of this the body’s joints are praiseworthy that concerted efforts make the generation (of power) and (electrically) charging.


24. We have to have a new appreciation of this once again. In and of itself the faculty of human beings cannot correctly understand this, correct living and et cetera one cannot be able to do. If a true martial art, it further builds strong character and health, and is it not exceedingly to do so?


25. When a human body generates electricity correctly, transforms, transmits electricity and is charged, it is said that the power of the Zero Point Freeze (mehoko; the jeweled spear) was acquired. It is called ‘Zero Point Freeze’ to catch the Cosmic electrical power which fills the Cosmos (Building thunder and the Triple powerful hammer) taking it inside of the body as a receptacle, and to consider it as one’s own power.


26. A spurt of the power of this Zero Point Freeze is called a (sword). The harmony wave throws into disorder the Safe Haven of Evil in order to make chastisement, it is conducted with this (sword). From the center of the human body the Hachima Tamiya (8 Intervals Rice Field Palace) gives forth Cosmic Electric Power (Zero Point Freeze) as a beam of purple golden light approvingly by way of emission making the Safe Haven of Evil surrender.


27. When gradually the power declines in the soul of a human being, and the electric power inside the body declines as well, essentially the strength of the sword made in demonstration is with difficulty, later posterity is represented in the Elephant God and the swords produced by way of the “sword”.


28. Therefore, originally the sword was [one of] the sacred treasures making exorcism for the Safe Havens of Evil for the sake of redemption.Swordsmanshipis representative of the Japanese Martial Arts, it is [one of] the Sacred treasures [sword, jewel, mirror] the sword commands to punish the Safe Havens of Evil chastisement is the divine work. To be forgetful of this, each individual pursuit of victory or defeat is to do nothing but mere swordsmanship, and hence parting with one's true nature and the customs of Bujutsu and this is something that amounts to the injury of the world.


29. Necessarily, the martial arts make use of the shout of fighting spirit. In regard to the shout of fighting spirit , it is a matter of dominantly leading. In regard to dominantly leading, achieve the power of the the ‘Zero Point Freeze’ from the center of the body (Hachima Tamiya; the 8 Intervals Rice Field Palace), speaking the strength of the voice that is in the power of language, exorcism of the Safe Havens of Evil isredemptionand is to have thus rescued.


30. Well then, in the Study of the purification ceremony, the power of languageIietsu [form of] “Nay”Eeitsu [form of] “Aye”are made use of, in Bujutsu the martial arts then, the sounds combinations of: iehouhatoN are made use of.


31. IietsuNay” [based off “Ie] is an exorcism, EeitsuAye” [based probably off of ] is redemption · rescue, Hōtsu┐ ”[¿exclamation?]” is projection,saatsu┐”Come now…” is guidance,u┐[similar to Huh? Uhm? Eh?]” is condensation // haatsu┐”[Ha! Indeed! So!!]” is to distinguish one thing from another // hatsu┐ [ ?” discharge; departure; disclose? ] is judgement, Tōis dispersion · destruction, han┐ is escaping energy and respectively it is so called. Each objective to be used for different purposes


32. The ‘Kuji-in’ Method of 9 Characters may be used on occassion for a martial art, this is something which builds the Kurei Sekai world of nothingness*, In the purification ceremony it is ever called ‘undertaking the Divine works of the Fire God (Hinokami-no-kamiwaza )’. In other words, the whole purification is about exerting oneself to the utmost and prepared to die if necessary by way of propegating the purpose and would be called the conducting of the event of purification.

* Note: Seems that Kurei sekai refers to the ‘objective world’ (actuality [as opposed to subjective] reality)


33. The principal image is considered to be Marisha-Ten (Buddhist god of war). Marisha-Ten is a god of the Celestial pantheon as used in the field of Mikkyō esoteric Buddhism, and always instructing [on the] running course of the sun. It is an existence quicker than light as running the course of the sun disk, and this is the ‘Revered and abundant early day’ [“Lord Nigihayahi”] as used in the field of Japanese Shintoism.


34. The ‘Revered and abundant early day’, ‘Precious Arena that is approaching nearer’ [also, as a diety name it means “Lord Ninigi” *] governs the Omote of Shintoism and in regard to the Ura of Shintoism it also governs. Ura Shintoism shows the nature principle in the super-velocity-of-light energy world to Omote Shintoism showing the nature principle in the light energy world.

* NOTE: “Lord Ninigi” 皇御孫 ; 皇孫 ; 天孫 【すめみま】 (n) (1) (arch) grandchild of Amaterasu (i.e. Ninigi no Mikoto); (2) descendant of Amaterasu; person of imperial lineage; emperor


35. The world of Ura Shintoism, is the world completely contrary to the world which we usually recognize. The rate of movement in the [object or material having a] degree of heaviness is quick , the rate of movement in the [object or material having a] degree of lightness is slow. Therefore, criminal offense in this world · dirty filth (つみとが 罪都雅sophisticated crime/ indiscretion/ sin · あかけがれ汚赤Stained red as with blood) bid farewell to, at once caused to disperse. Any sins are returned to nothing here.


36. The Emperor of Japan’s Divine ceremony of Shinto purification, this Ura of Shintoism certainly encounters and is the Divine ceremony. And it is the which governs this. (Jinmu) Emperor of Japan who is the ‘Precious Arena that is approaching nearer’ [Lord Ninigi] is the foundation which underlays the ‘Revered and abundant early day’ [“Lord Nigihayahi”] and assurdly governs the Ura of Shintoism.


37. French knowledge was introduced thereafter, the ‘Revered and abundant early day’ [“Lord Nigihayahi”] and Marisha-Ten (the Buddhist god of war) were replaced, among all of the military men, and this Marisha-Ten made venerated. That is [by way of explanation], (holding a) memorial service for the dead and thereupon killing large numbers of people body and soul itself, participating therein were persons doing the killing and Marisha-Ten called it a sin, namely depending on the pious act of the ‘Revered and abundant early day’ [“Lord Nigihayahi”], purification by exorcism, the termination it carried out: bitter (religious) faith it was. It was never itself what was wished for as martial progress.


38. Therefore, the ‘Revered and abundant early day’ [“Lord Nigihayahi”] is enshrined in our country. By means of the Majesty of the ‘Revered and abundant early day’ [“Lord Nigihayahi”] exerting oneself to the utmost, prepared to die if necessary, one's own consciousness and Self completely exhausted · sublimation [the transformation of emotions or states of being to cosmic consciousness i.e; the “big picture”] having been made, generally amounts to the Jinmu’s Imperial divine mind.


39. This circumstance if arrived at "Bu -- Martial Force/Valor" will not be a matter of the advantage of individual (military) satisfaction, when push comes to shove, for the sake of one's life before the public to occasionally operate by making a gamble is only that which one calls self-satisfaction.


40. Since one's life is public one must not operate by gambling with things it is a sin. Only by invoking Jinmu’s Heavenly [or ‘Imperial’] Restoring Arrow (Ama-no-kaheshi-ya) can it not apply*. In other words, even though there is unavoidably the grand scale death of people, the principle of retribution [karma, cosmic consequences beyond one’s control] is assumed [to be the reason]. However, since it is easy to be misunderstood, this has been made a secret.**

* Note: This appears to mean that one must occassionally “gamble” with circumstances when operating from group, governmental or national levels and that doing so is not considered unreasonable since there is no other way to operate. In this context it appears that the mentioned “restoring arrow” is to do what must be done and to take the chances entailed in doing so.

** Note: This seems to mean that one may need to take actions that will probably result in large scale death tolls, even if only on a mere stab or chance at conducting state or group affairs. It seems to be pointless to have said all of this… what military man would NOT know that death on a grand scale can result from the exercise of the military arts in society?!? But probably, from the perspective of an individual martial arts exponent… maybe the subject is not so obvious? This denotes then where Japanese Budo is actually no sport at all, but a branch of Military sciences from history.


41. Kuji-in method of nine syllables builds up the Kurei Sekai world of nothingness [?? the objective world ??] and in regard to the Juji method of ten syllables it is something that builds up the World of reality [?? Subjective reality ??].* In other words, it is that which establishes the Divine realms. From ancient times Kuji-in nine syllables is considered to be transmitting [a worthy transmission], genuine Kuji-in nine syllables one can say with confidence that it is a thing worthy of the gods. In the world, doing Ryūden school traditions, in the Kuji-in nine syllables there is: ┌ Heaven · Dragon · King · (mortal) Life · Victory · Great · Sun · Water · Demon**┐ etc and the like of such single characters which are to add (up) into crude verses, a purification ceremony, this crude verse is to take a position against something that one loathes.

*NOTES: Seems to sugguest that the incomplete ‘nine’ (9) syllable method only impacts the objective world, whereas the Juji ‘ten’ (10) syllable method has the power to impact subjective reality. That is to say that the one place missing in the Kuji-in is the completion of the act. It’s numerological mysticism that apparently means “one must go all the way to impact fully.”

** NOTES: of the bulleted entries in the text, they intercombine to form such as:

天龍 Imperial dragon (5 fingered Chinese form) 龍虎 dragon and tiger; two mighty rivals; clever writing; dragon tiger scrolls 虎王 the Tiger-king 勝大 Great or crushing victory 大日 Mahavairocana (Tathagata); Great Sun; Supreme Buddha of Sino-Japanese esoteric Buddhism 日水 Seaside Horizon WHICH FORMS A CRUDE HIDDEN MESSAGE, NAMELY: 天龍 龍虎 虎王 勝大 大日 日水 which translates from the Sino-Japanese as: “the Imperial dragon [Emporer of the Chinese] it became the dragon and tiger [two mighty rivals: China and Japan] and the Tiger-king [i.e.; Japan’s Emporer] managed a crushing victory for the Great Sun [Japan] at the Seaside Horizon [indicating a naval battle was the determining aspect, also portrays the Japanese as standing and looking across the sea at China from the shores of Japan.]” The full message actually says: 天龍 龍虎 虎王 命 勝大 大日 日水 鬼 : “the Imperial dragon [Emporer of the Chinese] it became the dragon and tiger [two mighty rivals: China and Japan] and the Tiger-king [i.e.; Japan’s Emporer] for life’s sake managed a crushing victory for the Great Sun [Japan] at the Seaside Horizon like a demon.” PRETTY COOL, NU??


42. Juji method of Ten syllables depicts both positive and negative ( + -) polarities. Positive polarity is the revelation of HIMOROGI [¿primitive shrine and food offerings of food??] · IHASAKA [¿Buddhist mortuary tablet + Hill (¿¿ gravesite ??)], length and width, middle and contour, You sir and the nation, man and woman, master and servant, good and evil, beauty or ugliness, right and wrong. This [?negative polarity?] is by means of gathering, to have built up the center of the Divine realms united, one can say with confidence that it is divine work.


43. Both the Kuji-in method of 9 syllables, and the Juji method of 10 syllables are conveyed as the Divine traditions of the ‘Revered and abundant early day’ (Nigihayahi No Mikoto)*, in the Divine traditions of the ‘Revered and abundant early day’ [Lord Nigihayahi] the ┌10 Seeds Divine Treasure┐** are most important. As for this it is the method by which one personally becomes as*** the ‘Revered and abundant early day’ [Lord Nigihayahi] , it is assuredly the Elixir of life which is Amatsu Tatara bellows of the imperial harbor [Formal Shinto-Buddhist Imperial Conduct] [Buddhist] prayers and austerities.

* NOTES: 饒速日尊 the ‘Revered and abundant early day’ assuming the translation is adequate. An identified title of (Lord Nigihayahi No Mikoto) a descendant of (Lord Ninigi; Ninigi no Mikoto) grandchild of Amaterasu (Ancient Japanese Sun Goddess -- you know the one… we hid WHATEVER in her cave), these are references to those descendants of Amaterasu; persons of imperial lineage; emperor(s).

** NOTES: 十種 10 Seeds; 10 Matters; 10 Tricks; 10 Secrets seems to be a referencial or alternate name for the Juji method of Ten syllables.

*** NOTES: This ‘becoming as’ is comparable to the Mystical encounter of other traditions, including Jewish mystical tradition, wherein the adherent seeks such unification as to alleviate the separation between self and the Diety.


44. ┌True Celestial/ Imperial Correct Traditions┐ ┌True Celestial/ Imperial Traditions┐ ┌True Celestial/ Imperial Arts of war ┐ namely; the fulfillment of the ┌10 Seeds Divine Treasure┐ Come daybreak < Bu -- Martial Force/Valor’> is that which is taught, such is assuredly the core of the Japanese Fighting Arts. Hence the Japanese Fighting Arts are a divine work, and so it is said that personification of Jinmu is something that is done.


45. However, learn from today’s martial arts, the greatest significant meaning has been lost, common useless martial arts of poor workmanship and are nothing but indulgence, merely games turned into sports, or as for such as the Okinawan Kobudo, this form is nothing but the tradition in cessation, the Japanese Imperial Budo is becoming a dead thing.


46. “God resides within all human beings. However, it does not mean that all human beings are residing in God” but the Elders of the Word are [residing with God], we will once again live in self - awareness of God, to establish rebirth, where godlike persons are concerned, to live in the Divine realms. By this, mastering ‘Bu -- martial force/ valor’ one can say with confidence that it is by means of doing the martial arts.


47. By means of mastering this Jinmu, a little child becomes a man of virtue, a coarse man becomes a reasonable person, a weakened house becomes a prosporous house, a weak country is able to become a powerful country. In other words, moral training · a Buddhist household [not unlike conducting] a conservative government · the ordinary world is conducted by means of <‘Bu -- martial force/ valor’>. This is called Martial Virtue.


48. If one be not informed of this doctrine [concerning the emmulation of Jinmu], ‘Bu -- martial force/ valor’ would have been taking measures in vain, uselessly racing one’s engine and it does not become a divine work in personnel affairs, clearly falling into works of wickedness. Teachers/ Practitioners who are teaching this, not knowing the reasons, and the students that are yet studying this, not knowing the way of doing it and so call training boring and defective are not bearing fruit.


49. In short, the Japanese martial arts which have continued being inherited from the age of the gods till the present era, extinguishes the Self (the Ego) [through emmulation of Jinmu], and makes [Jinmu] the greater self (the Super-ego) by uniting them into one. In other words, the Emporer Jinmu who is united into one with Japan’s deified Emperor is Budo’s great cause [or, ‘moral law; justice’] one can say with confidence that it is important to have a new appreciation by this, which is crucial to implement. A weak point of the traditional martial arts is to abandon and to adopt [material or causes too liberally], moreover making a rebuilding of correct martial arts has to be done at the nation’s foundation.


50. And this is the right place to stop [this discussion]. Primarily, it is vivification and unlimited mercy which is neither awarded or sought out, that is the foundation of all existence, and is the systematic order according to the Shinri [-kyo sect of Shinto], this is how life in the cosmos began and ends. To be in accordance with this matter is absolutely correct, different peoples live and encounter one another in the world where regularity [of race and culture] does not exist. Therefore, in order to be correct, we absolutely must transcend the duality of the context of [such] world confrontations. Exceeding the mortality of [such] confrontations, the eternity it is composed of makes up the Absolute world [Actuality] (the ancestral Sun Goddess · Ame No Mioya “Source of the Heavens”), restoration of life will occur when the heart settles in firm┌ quiet ┐and if it becomes so, human nature is united with and made into the Great Emporer Jinmu this is something to be understood.

〔 結語 〕 Conclusion


To live alongside the God(s), to think and feel together with the God(s), to talk with the God(s), to take action alongside the God(s), if we could but return to the consciousness of the simplicity of ancient times, it is the whole root of existence to receive the make-up of the ancestral Sun Goddess and the 10,000 things · all the Heavens and earth, the Amatsugami heavenly gods · and the Patron gods of the land, as for this reverse duplication, in reality it is an action that is in the process of being done. In view of this awareness of┌ the Self being with the God(s) ┐, the former teachers · the founding master(s) · and the founder of the school et cetera and etc, the body and soul of all predecessors are at our rear in carrying out the spectacle and this for sure, such things are believed to be the secret principle(s) of the Japanese martial arts.


The above 50 paragraphs are general remarks on each chapter.


Please read my work it is a detailed commentary on "Honjo Budo No Ron -- Our Country’s martial arts theories".

【 追記 】 [PS]


The principle of military tactics · and martial art is the next point.


Before they stir, invariably, the opportunity happening is wearing out, this is the established tactic(s) of ancient and modern times.

[NOTE: the text of the passage refers to SUKI () chinks in the armor (opportunity to act through) and indicates that the Americans struck before the Iraqi could respond.]


The American preemptive strike against Iraq is producing what kind of future, where do things go hereafter? Carefully look at things though, one cannot help but give thought to our own revival of the · Country of the great Japanese emperor <Jinmu>.

日の神の 神業なりて 眺むれば 黒雲さへも 道開くなり。

On the day of God's providence it was that dark black clouds were seen // さへも ???? [pron: ‘sahemo’] // while the beginning yet unfolded

-  --  --  --

-  --  --  --



--- --- -- --- --- --- -- --


隙 “SUKI” chance; opportunity; chink (in one's armor); (2) interval; gap

鋭角波動 Eigaku HadōAcute angle wave motion(s)” is a term in the text that is used to describe the negative influences of adversarial forces or presences, observe:

鋭角 Eigaku also means “Sharp or pointed horn(s)” and thus the term Eigaku hadō

describes “pointed horns [moving in rythmic] wave motions” such as a goring bull

will do when attacking, thus it refers to such adversarial forces or presences as a

horned beast that present threat or danger. Eigaku Hadō is also a literal description of

a TORNADO, a whirlwind vortex and as such… it indicates that adversarial forces or

presences (and their effects on the surroundiongs) are much like that of a tornado.

ALSO: Bear in mind that Japanese nouns can be considered in plural or singular

form, so the translation could also read “wave motion(s) at acute angles”.