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Comparison of Various Ryuha Kata (nomenclature)

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This is a comparison of ryuha by examination of the similarity of kata nomenclature, and not by technical content or structure of the kata or system. Comparison of junban structure would be a completely different study. Some folks would not agree that this comparison procedure is accurate and might argue that it produces a false sense of similarity. One could say this and be somewhat correct in that perhaps some parties might read more into the matter than is appropriate. But the bottom line is that, wherein sufficient similarity in nomenclature exists, a definitive relationship is being exhibited in terminology (although not necessarily in technical content.)

To ignore such definitive relationship is fundamentally flawed since obviously there is [such] relationship by association [of terminology] and this must necessarily mean relevant inter-connection somewhere along the line.

But, also, it is a fact that a similarity in terminology and nomenclature does not preclude a similarity in technical content and that a comparison of such technical content might demonstrate a relevant connection in a completely different direction. Which is the most accurate of the relationships? Yes well, both would be accurate, obviously. It then becomes a matter of exactly how much (what percentile of) relationship is indicated and in what field (Yōgo terminology, Junban structure or Nakami contents. )

This being said, the comparison presented (via the link below) is only a comparison of the kata names and terminolgy, without regard to the junban technical structure of the schools or the technical content. I placed shinden yoshin ryu's kata on the left hand side, and the relevant kata from other schools to the right. That the shinden yoshin ryu kata appear in the order of its mokuroku is arbitrary, it's not the intent of purpose (comparison is.) PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THE KATA OF THE OTHER SCHOOLS LISTED ARE NOT PORTRAYED IN THEIR ENTIRETY only kata with the same or similar names were presented. This so that one could readily see the similarity.

I repeat the above information: The other ryuha and systems are not fully represented, only relevant same and similar technique or kata names were listed. The entry might not be identical, it may only be very similar. Furthermore, the kanji (Sino-japanese characters) may not be identical, some might appear to be a different term, but the pronunciation and or meaning essentially the same.

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