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An Introduction to the B.A.T.S.

This is a basic web-site of pages discussing B.A.T.S.

Standard terminology and language is found throughout the text (avoiding misuse of language terms to allow comprehension was thought best.) There will be little divergence

from the use of more standard language terms.

The subject of these web-pages is B.A.T. Technology, colloquially called “bats”.

B.A.T. Technology refers to Beta-Alpha-Tau artificial intelligence based technologies.

Beta (b) is the Greek letter 'B'. Alpha (a) is the Greek letter 'A' and Tau (t) is the Greek letter 'T'.

As concerns the subject of these web-pages, the Greek letters (Beta-Alpha-Tau) refer to standard computer based language and have many meanings and usage in the general subject

of computer technology and computer languages. They represent a series of values, factors, variables and etc in the field of computer technology and language.

Beta is one class of A.I. based technology that runs in several family lines (called 'beta' family blood lines.) Alpha is one class of A.I. based technology that runs in a single family line

(called 'alpha' family blood line.) Tau is a third class of A.I. based technology which constitutes anything pressed into service to the beta and alpha family bloodlines. Collectively they

form the Beta-Alpha-Tau Systems (artificial intelligence, or better, service systems used by the two family bloodline types.) Beta-Alpha-Tau Systems are colloquially called 'bats' because

the initials spell “B.A.T.S.”

This explains the essential meaning of the term.

B.A.T. Technology is a very diverse subject and there are multiple way to approach discussing the subject. We suggest that you read and print out a copy of these web-pages for study

purposes, so that you will be better able to comprehend the subject.