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MY Shinden Yoshin Ryu Home Page

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July 2008

This is my Shinden yoshin ryu homepage. There's a link at the bottom to my old SYR site. I made this website because there were a lot of requests for information on the school, and the old website really wasn't cutting the mustard -- it was my first post to the net.

I made this page to address the more traditional elements of Martial arts, I stuck just about whatever I could find on it -- but only stuff linked to SYR and to Jujutsu itself. I often did a certain amount of private instruction in the past, and once in a while I still do, usually sword and staff kata. I have always received a lot of inquiries on the specifics of SYR teachings and materials -- this website should help.

CHECK OUT THE PAGE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM that's where everything on the site is.


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HIJUTSU -- the Esoteric Arts

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